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What Is Next for the Augmented Reality Mobile Market?

Pokemon Go: Fame, Future, and Fortune With Pokemon Go raking in $1.6 million dollars daily on just in-app purchases it may comes as no surprise the stock for the app shot up—but then again maybe an 11 billion dollar increase in valuation may surprise you! That’s...Read More >>

A Brief Overview: Microsoft Buys LinkedIn

The MergerToday Microsoft has announced they are purchasing the social network for professionals, LinkedIn, for a cool $26.2 billion.Both the boards of Microsoft and LinkedIn have approved the purchase, which equates to $196 per share. If for some reason the sale falls through, LinkedIn will...Read More >>

How to Use Event Marketing to Build Your Business

Event marketing is one of the foundational tools in any skilled marketer's toolkit. And today there are more avenues than ever before to host events - online as well as offline. As well, event marketing costs have done a sharp nosedive with the advent of the online event, while the number of such...Read More >>

How Landing Pages Increase ROI

If you are brand new to the ever-evolving arena of online advertising, expect to feel overwhelmed right at the start. There is a lot to learn! Happily, there is also a rich payoff for those who take the time and invest the energy to learn it well.One reason many entrepreneurs and companies...Read More >>

How is Your Business Marketing on Social Media

Social media began as a tool for ordinary people to have a place to share and connect with friends online. Some online bulletin boards and portals were more successful than others. By the beginning of the 21st century, Facebook, LinkedIn and then Twitter launched, and today these sites and...Read More >>

Clean and Inspired – We Love the New Instagram

While we always hold a place in our hearts for the nostalgia that is the original Insta-icon: a brown and rainbow camera, there is something to be said for the new. And that "new" is a beauty inside and out. The new Instagram look was not a whim decision, but a modern thought...Read More >>

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know

Is your website mobile friendly? While it’s always been a matter of import in this cellular world we live in to have a web design that is built for mobile as well as standard web use, Google’s newest algorithm will make it near-vital for continued online survival. In March 2016,...Read More >>

Quality E-Commerce Web Design: Know The Basics

E-commerce has its hand in nearly every part of daily life today. You would almost need to live off the grid to get away from its influence - which is great news if you aspire to launch an online store or already have an online enterprise that is up and running. Yet too many talented entrepreneurs...Read More >>

Visual Content’s Importance in Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you are like most people today, you decide whether to open a magazine based entirely on how compelling the cover photo is. Translate that to the online world, and it is easy to see why more than 700 million photos are uploaded daily on Facebook and Snapchat alone!The importance of your...Read More >>

How to Get Targeted Facebook Leads [for your Business]

Facebook is the undisputed giant of the social media realm. As of the end of 2015, Facebook's user base had grown to 1.59 billion users. But nearly 84 percent of those users hail from outside North America. This makes using Facebook to generate high quality targeted leads more complex.In this...Read More >>