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5 Ways To Get More Traffic to Your New Blog


Published: April 10, 2013

The popularity of blogs has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. Businesses use them to connect with customers and provide information about services, while some people use blogs to write about their favorite hobbies. Blogs are very useful for a variety of reasons. When starting up a blog, it can be difficult to increase the amount of traffic to it. With these five simple tips, traffic can be greatly increased with ease.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. An effective way to increase traffic to a new blog is to make it SEO friendly. There are several ways to do this. Place keywords in blog titles and post titles, give any pictures that are used proper names, and don’t keyword stuff. By making one’s blog search engine optimization friendly, the blog’s rankings will rise in the search engines, and people will be able to find it much more easily; this can increase the blog’s traffic quite a bit.

  3. Submit the Blog to Search Engines
  4. With a SEO-friendly blog ready, the next step is to go to every major search engine to let them know one’s blog is ready to be listed in their directories. In order to do this, go to the search engine’s site and find the page that allows submission of sites and blogs.

  5. Update Blog Content
  6. Another way to gain traffic is to write new content for one’s blog frequently. Don’t let this new blog get stale; update it often. This will increase the likelihood that users will come to the blog, and the more content one writes, the more chances there are to be found by users.

  7. Quality Content Counts
  8. One way to get more traffic and gain a respectable following is to produce quality content. Blogs need to be written well with minimal grammar and spelling errors. Also, any blog needs to be easy to read.

    Bad-quality blogs will not get much traffic. Writing content that others enjoy will increase one’s chances of getting a blog linked to other people’s blogs and websites. This can increase traffic dramatically. Try to keep content fairly original; people won’t usually go to a site with content they’ve read a thousand times.

  9. Guest Posting and Backlinking
  10. Guest posting is a great way to increase a new blog’s traffic. Go to other well-known blogs and see if it’s possible to write a guest post on their site. One can do this in exchange for a backlink to one’s own blog. This will generate more traffic. When guest posting, try to find a blog that is in the same general topic as one’s own blog but not the exact same. This way people will be attracted to the blog because it has fresh information they’ll be interested in.