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Digital Media – A Force To Be Reckoned With


Published: November 13, 2012

Traditional media is defined as television, radio, newspapers and magazine publications. New media is essentially everything else but more specifically refers to content accessible on any digital device that allows for interaction or feedback by the user.

Traditional media is the tried and true format of publication for any PR campaign. However, new media outlets are on a steady climb to overtake their predecessors. Case in point, a little over a month ago renowned publication Newsweek announced that its last print publication would be delivered to readers this December. Fear not though, Newsweek is not going away for good. They are just becoming one of many print publications to switch to digital only formats.

This trend is becoming increasingly popular and many publications are now being developed only for web or mobile device use. Instagram for example, which was bought for by Facebook this past April for a cool $1 billion, is a service offered exclusively on mobile devices.

One study has even shown that many people now rely on social media exclusively for their news updates and that over 50% of people choose digital media outlets rather than print publications for news sources.

Digital media outlets are here and we think 2013 will be their time to shine even brighter than it already is. We by no means advise you advise you to dump traditional media aspects of your campaigns into your recycling bin but urge you to more forward with projects and campaigns in a more digital and mobile-centered mindset.