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Export Your LinkedIn Contacts to Save Connections


Published: January 23, 2012

Whenever we can, the team at DigitalEYE Media likes to provide a little help for our friends.

While we may be Facebook faves with our professional contacts, LinkedIn is the real professional social network.  Be sure to take care of your valued assets on this network: your Contacts.

Rick Itzkowich is the creator of the Link Power Coaching Program and eBook. Recently, Rick emailed us with this message about a problem with LinkedIn:

“Dear Gary…Your connection is very important to me. I lost it because I inadvertently violated LinkedIn Terms of Service by using the ‘The LinkedIn Guy’ as part of my headline. They are cracking down on non-LinkedIn employees using the word ‘LinkedIn’ in their profiles.”

Rick requested a LinkedIn reconnect.

Exporting your LinkedIn Contacts is a good business practice. Since LinkedIn accounts can be suspended and even the best systems can fail at anytime, it’s smart to have a backup plan in place and occasionally export your contacts from LinkedIn. So, how do you extract all your contacts from LinkedIn?

Log into your account and go directly to

LinkedIn gives you options to export to Outlook, Yahoo Mail, MAC or a vCard format — and also provides directions on how to import, too. Many products are integrating LinkedIn into their email systems and there are plug-ins for Outlook like Xobni and LinkedIn for Outlook, a social networking connector that your firm may want to consider.

It helps improve your relationships by having the ability to access status updates and activity efficiently in whatever application you are working in.

The more connections you have, the more valuable an investment you have in LinkedIn.

If you’d like to import your LinkedIn contacts to Google+, click here for details.