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How can Publishing Positive or Neutral Content Help With Online Reputation Campaigns


Published: August 22, 2013

Many consumers are naturally drawn to information and articles that leave them feeling positive and uplifted. So it’s no surprise that writing content that leaves readers and website visitors feeling warm and fuzzy can conjure up positive feelings regarding one’s brand. Getting consumers to associate a brand or business with feelings of positivity and assumptions that others may have similar feelings about a service or brand can help create trust and faith, which can be a powerful aspect of provoking consumers to take action, try a product or even recommend it to others.

Negative Content vs. Positive Image

Although there are a multitude of negative topics that are newsworthy and may pique the interest of readers and consumers alike, focusing on positive content that can be associated with one’s brand can have quality results for brand awareness that keeps consumers coming back for more of what caused them to feel good previously. In contrast, creating content that may have negative connotations can be tied to one’s brad and drag down consumers, making them feel drained after they read it. Instead, focusing on topics that promote feelings of positivity that consumers may later associate with one’s product or service can make content more memorable and bring readers back for more in an effort to replicate such feelings.

Positive Blog Experience

In addition to focusing on what information blog posts are composed of, taking a look at how that information is presented can be equally important to creating an overall positive experience for readers and visitors. Information that is easily scanned and read can have positive connotations that may be later associated with one’s brand. In contrast, confusing, difficult to read and poorly presented information may have a detrimental affect on the way consumers view a brand or a company. If one cannot successfully and seamlessly present the information that represents who they are and what is offered, consumers may have little or no confidence in the information itself.

Make Readers Feel Valued

No matter what kind of business one has the type of content produced can have a positive influence and message that leaves readers smiling. Positive messages can be made up of a variety of subjects and topics, not all of which must be industry related. Instead, using on’s blog to highlight activities and efforts completed in one’s community can be a great way to leave readers feeling good, provoking sharing and spark interaction.

By gaining a clear understanding about what makes one’s particular audience feel good or smile, business owners and marketers can capitalize on content creation that readers value. Evoking trust and faith in one’s brand is invaluable for marketers, giving consumers reasons to share powerful and positive information while further promoting one’s brand and invoking a sense of community and interaction. In addition, quality, positive content that keeps readers coming back for more is a valuable tool for those marketers looking to utilize search engine optimization tactics and social media to improve traffic and conversion.