Digital Insights

Increase Positive Sentiment About Your Brand Through Social Media


Published: October 2, 2012

What do crowd-sourcing sites and your nine year old twin godchildren all have in common? They all have the ability to increase your followers, gain likes and share your content. Although these methods may indeed be getting your content out there – is it really going to the right place? (Are your godchildren’s friends going to be jumping at the opportunity to buy your product or invest in your company?) Technically speaking, you are getting yourself out there by using these channels but is this form of syndication effective?

The Digital EYE Media team is here to tell you that the answer is a resounding N-O! Syndicating this way does have the potential to improve SEO (for the mere fact that your content is being shared) but it will have little to no impact on your revenue. Sharing your content in this way is like putting a billboard in a forest, although it may exist, if the right people are not seeing it, it is a futile effort.

The key to success when using social media is to get the right people to share the right message about your company. The right people are those who have the potential to become clients and the right message is any form of positive feedback about your brand. In order to obtain this “rightness” you must engage your followers and customers in positive discussions about your brand.

While you can’t make your customers provide positive insights about your brand, you can encourage them to share their experiences with your company on social media. Post statuses such as “How are we doing?” and “Share your experiences with our company here”. To make a more compelling argument for your customers to take time out to share their opinions, provide incentives such as free e-book giveaways or samples of products.

By implementing these strategies you can build a community of satisfied customers that will influence potential customers to purchase your product or service.

This strategy can be highly effective. However, you must make sure you are providing high quality customer service. If your company needs to improve customer service, hold off on this because negative opinions can be shared just as easily as positive opinions.

The take away? Provide the highest quality of customer service and products available then prompt clients to engage with your brand on social media and the rest is bound to follow.