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Online Reputation Monitoring


Published: March 14, 2013

Today, the average consumer doesn’t buy a product or arrange to have a service done without compiling some background information on the company or individual that interests them by doing an Internet search. Of course, if they unearth any negative information, they will decide to do business with someone else. Since this is the case, being proactive when it comes to safeguarding their reputation, and hiring an online reputation management firm if something is wrong, is the best way to handle the situation.

Some defensive measures companies use

People who want to protect their brand begin by determining what is causing those negative comments, what seems to be wrong, and why people are complaining. Taking time to do this is essential because nothing can be done to improve their brand mage until they find a remedy for the problem they have uncovered. Remember also that the source is rarely just one or two malcontents or trouble makers.

Once that is done and steps have been taken to resolve the problem, then they came move ahead and concentrate on improving their brand image. At that point, companies must choose between two basic options: they can either deal with it in-house or consult with an online reputation management firm to take care of the matter. In either case, they should be aware that undoing the damage that has been done is far from easy and there will be no quick fix.

Note that doing this is similar to an SEO link-building campaign. Since the negative search results can’t be removed, the goal is to lessen their visibility by developing content that will eventually over shadow it, such as social media posts, blog posts, press releases and news articles. It is also a good idea to creative microsites as a source of additional positive material for ranking in the search engines. Doing all this can be a complicated process, and it is something that must be done gradually.

Monitoring is essential

Although an error may crop up from time to time, website owners and businesses alike must make avoiding such mishaps a top priority. Those who are well-informed monitor their brand online by regularly tracking social media and establishing alerts with this in mind. By being proactive and using an effective strategy, they are ready to handle a negative issue when it arises. Very often, people will register a complaint in order to get a response, and they have no desire to damage anyone’s reputation. Fortunately, that kind of issue can be handled quietly and efficiently. By way of contrast, if complaints are ignored repeatedly, the situation will only grow worse and the company or individual involved will develop a negative online reputation.