Digital Insights

Optimize Content for User Behavior not Devices


Published: April 25, 2013

Devices, availability and the ability of technology is constantly transforming. But despite the changes experienced in the technology and device world, the constant improvements often leave marketers, especially digital marketers, scrambling to keep up and grow alongside. As a result the digital marketing world is often chasing transformations in technology in contrast with the behaviors of consumers and audience members. While understanding technology and the ways consumers use it is vital to the craft of marketing, it’s also imperative that the industry continually strives to meet the desires and needs of its audience.

While many mobile device users may have less time, shorter attention and much less room for the content they consume, understand why and how the consume is much more important than knowing what kind of device they use for consumption. Digital marketers are always interested in what kind of device their content is being consumed, browsed and used.

Content Types

The type of content audience members are seeking and marketers and companies are producing is often a better indicator of the consumer’s attention and behavior than the type of device being used. Specific news stories will provoke a very different consumption behavior than a social media post. An audience seeking the quick, ease of interaction offered by a social media post may not be that different from that of the audience reading a lengthy news story. Instead, they are seeking out different content for different purposes and their behavior reflects those needs and desires.

It’s not always possible for those creating and promoting content to change the behavior of their audience. Instead, it’s better to look at the behavior of the typical users consuming what is offered and create content based on those actions. Are typical users busy professionals looking for quick information and methods of sharing such resources? Are audience members serious readers, using content to fill time or learn something? Depending on what typical audience members are using the proposed content, such information, graphics and ability to share can be tailored to fit those specific needs and behaviors.

How to Uncover Who Users Are and How They Behave

Just like any other aspect of marketing, the constantly changing environment of online information, content and accompanying technology, makes it even more important to understand users and reveal a potential target audience. Adequate research is vital to understanding who is included in a target audience so that more can be revealed about what they consume, how they consume and what they need and desire. By understanding who they are and what their digital behavior includes, marketers and companies can gather information that can help them better target using content specific to needs and styles of consumption.

Despite the desire of marketers and businesses to create popular content, comprehending who is seeking, using and consuming, can help create an avenue of offering tailored information and graphics that are more likely to be reused, revisited and shared. Understanding who comprises an audience and how they consume can help marketers continue creating quality content, even as technology transforms and improves.