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Six Reasons Why Schema Markup is Important to Your Website’s SEO


Published: March 14, 2014

Schema markup is a recent SEO development that deserves the attention of every digital marketer. With the technical brain trust of Google, Yahoo and Bing behind it, there is little doubt that schema markup will deliver improved organic as well as local search results.

What exactly is schema markup? In short, it’s a new way of standardizing website data that permits the search engines to analyze content faster and more accurately, and return more relevant and targeted search results. Schema markup, or coding, is applicable to videos as well as websites.

Schema Markup Will Improve Your Website’s Clickthrough Rate

The clickthrough rate (CTR) is simply the percentage of viewers who see your ad or listing on the search engine results page and click on it to get to your landing page.

    Schema markup will display pertinent information about your product that consumers are looking for.
  • Research has shown that these “rich snippets” of information can increase clickthrough rates by as much as 30 percent.

Schema Markup Can Increase Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings

  • Schema markup basically spoon-feeds the search engines with structured pertinent data about your website. This enables them to better understand what your site is about, and to index it faster and more accurately.
  • Your website will be more likely to rank above non-schema sites that require the search engines to make intelligent guesses about their content.

Authorship Snippets Can Increase Your Trust and Authority

People just don’t like to buy from someone they don’t trust, and schema’s authorship snippets can help you build that trust.

  • When you link your Google+ page to content you’ve written, your search result listing will feature your thumbnail photo as well as a link to your G+ profile. People can identify with you better when they can see a picture.
  • Viewers can also see the number of people in your G+ Circles, providing additional proof of your status as an expert in your field.

Author Rank Snippets Will Help Boost Your Rankings

  • Once “author rank” is fully integrated into Google’s ranking algorithm, schema’s authorship snippets will help you attain better rankings as you gain recognition as an authority in your field.
  • The ability to build author rank is yet another good reason to get involved with Google+.

Schema Markup Works for Local SEO

  • An important component of local SEO is online reviews and testimonials; 85 percent of consumers read online reviews of local businesses before they make a purchase decision. Schema markup can place text snippets of your reviews in your search engine results listing.
  • With schema markups, you results listing can feature the most frequently searched-for basics: your location, telephone number and hours. One adage from the “old school” still applies here: the more you tell, the more you sell.

Schema Markup Can Give You a Competitive Edge

  • By adding schema to your website and videos now, you’ll have an edge in the search engine rankings over every competitor who has not yet adopted schema practices.
  • If your industry has already jumped on the schema markup bandwagon, you simply can’t afford not to get involved.