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Spooked by Social Media?


Published: October 31, 2012

Has integrating social media into your marketing efforts given you a fright? No need to fear, below are three great ways to improve your social media platforms in order to attract new followers and keep them coming back to your page.

Streamline All Platforms

Keep your look consistent. If your company’s logo and website have a blue and green color scheme, don’t create Facebook and Twitter backgrounds with orange and red color schemes. Maintain one branded look across all platforms so that followers can easily identify your pages and draw connections back to your brand.

Keep Company Goal’s in Mind When Creating Content

Create content for your social platforms that speaks to the goals and mission of your company. If you are a staffing firm whose mission is to provide the most experienced candidates to fill positions, create content that reinforces the idea that knowledge and experience of valued in your organization.

Create a Voice and Maintain It on All Platforms

Decide how you are going to present your content and keep that presentation style consistent on every platform. For example, if you use an active voice on Facebook and Twitter, don’t use a passive voice on LinkedIn. Keeping your voice consistent will help better establish yourself online.

We hope these tips will help you improve your brand identity and presence on social media.

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