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Standing Out or Fitting In – Which Content Marketing Strategy is Most Profitable?


Published: September 4, 2012

All of us have heard the saying “content is king”. While the Digital EYE Media team espouses this belief we thought it was important to define exactly which type of content reigns king and which type of content is simply vying for the title.

The DigitalEYE team is in full support of using creative content to drive an audience to your site. But just how far can you push the boundaries before your content goes from innovative to irrelevant? We believe that there are two ways to go about creating fresh and intriguing content that will draw your target audience to your site – you can either follow the trend and put your own spin on the message you project or you can pioneer your own trend taking cues from previously successful campaigns. The point is that with either option you choose to utilize, you are creating something new while using previously measured data to guide you. If you set out to do something new without any previous market research, your idea has a great potential of plummeting into the depths of the “campaigns gone wrong” folder. Although it is true that some of the most successful companies have risen to fame and fortune based on ideas no one thought could possibly be profitable, we don’t think that this strategy is worth the risk.

When deciding to implement content-driven marketing strategies (i.e. blogs like this one) we say march forward with a creative fervor but have a tool in place that you can us to measure the ideas in your content with current popular content and trends.