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Thanksgiving SEO Recipe


Published: November 21, 2012

With Thanksgiving one day away, we know many of you are running around picking up all the ingredients for your sensational feast, ironing your table cloths, folding your napkins just right and buying Target’s last aerobed for your in-laws who have decided to join you last minute. All that and more can make one’s head whirl. That’s why today we offer you a Thanksgiving SEO recipe that is easy to follow and produces no dirty dishes.

Steps 1 -3 are back-end (everything you do before a page is published)

Step 1 : Determine keywords
• Create a clearly defined list of keywords by which you want to be found.

Step 2 : Create content
• Write content that is engaging and incorporates keywords.

Step 3 : Create a plan for syndication
• Decide where, when and how you want to publish your content.

Steps 4-6 are front end (everything you do once a page has been published)

Step 4 : Publish content with backend in mind
• Make use of tags that correlate with your keywords and content.

Step 5: Send the same message multiple times
• When syndicating content, post the same message with a platform-centered twist
o Ex. Post a shorter message on Twitter (160 character limit) than on Facebook

Step 6 : Track Post
• Make use of analytics tools to measure the success of your post

Happy Thanksgiving from the DigitalEYE Media Family and enjoy!