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The Benefits of Blogging to Increase Website Traffic


Published: March 22, 2013

The popularity of the Internet makes it a crucial platform for those who want to reach out to others. Whether the goal is to sell products or services or to disseminate information, the Internet must be a cornerstone of any outreach effort. However, web traffic can be difficult to find, and many people struggle to achieve the traffic they would like. One powerful tool many can use is blogging; here are some of the ways that blogging can help increase web traffic.

Create New Content

One of the best ways to improve a website’s rank in the search engines is to provide new content on a regular basis; blogs provide an opportunity to do so. In addition, blogs can offer links to the main website, and these links will further increase its rank. When it comes to search engine optimization, many subscribe to the philosophy that “Content is King.” Blogs provide a great platform for hosting this content.

Build Connections

The power in blogging partially lies in its ability to build connections with others. Bloggers are often interested in what other bloggers are writing, and those who take time to foster relationships can often find collaborative efforts that will lead to increased traffic. In addition, the comment section of a blog can be a great place to meet others and to build relationships with readers. Readers who share information on social media and other platforms can be great for directing more traffic to a website.

More Freedom

Many people feel restricted on their main websites. All websites have goal, and they are not great platforms for sharing large amounts of information. Regardless of the goal of the website, it needs to get to the main point without overwhelming users with information. A blog provides a platform for sharing this extra information without distracting visitors, and this freedom can allow a level of creativity that may lead to increased interest in the future.

Enter the Blogosphere

The blogosphere is an abstract, nebulous region where blogs reside. Despite the popularity of social media, blogs are still tremendously popular, and those who can become popular within the blogosphere stand to receive a significant amount of traffic. It will take time to earn a reputation in the minds of those who read blogs, but the effort will be worthwhile. The key to doing so is to provide great content, and those who give their readers good content on a regular basis will see their viewership increase over time.

Blogs are easy to maintain, and the informal nature of blogs makes them great platforms for anyone who has information to share. By putting forth the time and effort needed to create a great blog, a website operator can use it to drive a significant amount of traffic to his or her website.