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Three Public Relations Tactics to Get Quality Links


Published: May 16, 2013

ding links is vital to any search engine optimization plan, building low-quality links through directories, press releases and listings is an easy feat, but they will hurt your website ranking in the SERPS in the long term. Public relations efforts can provide high quality links that can help boost a website’s ranking while driving traffic and conveying important, newsworthy information to audience members searching specific topics and keywords. Building links with press releases can be as simple as following some important tactics that can help marketers get the most out of their public relations efforts.

Don’t Wait for Opportunity to Knock

There are several sites and services available on the web that actually publicize public relations, interview and news opportunities that may be relevant to one’s particular industry, product or service. By looking through those opportunities and even following some of those services on social media, marketers and businesses can become more aware of public relations opportunities that relate to their offerings, allowing effective link building that does not appear as marketing driven as some other types of PR.

Know the News (and Those Who Deliver It)

Social media is not only an amazing tool for helping links and promote press releases, articles and blog posts, it can also help marketers organize the people who bring them the news. By following and engaging with news anchors, publishers, editors and producers, marketers can spot unique opportunities in news sought by those involved in its production while building a unique relationship that may keep them on the forefront of news producer minds when a story related to a specific industry erupts. Many news anchors and writers may even post requests for story contributors and what they are specifically looking for in a source, making it simple for marketers and businesses to know when and what is required and desired as a source and an authority. Many social media outlets allow the organization of those followed in tailored listed, allowing marketers to easily filter writers and publishers who may need an authority or source.

Put Businesses and Brands in the Forefront

Another positive way to build links through public relations is by creating opportunity with interviews. Building relationships with news producers and writers, as previously mentioned, is one way to help insure interviews can be more easily scheduled. In addition, trade shows can be another place where interview opportunities can be created. Constant networking and relationship building with those creating news and requiring the expertise of authorities, well-versed in their industry will create more and more opportunities to continue promoting a business, product or service in a way that is content and information driven and appeals to consumers and audience members. Emailing writers who may have previously featured information about a business or industry is another positive way marketers can continue to build relationships and foster future public relations efforts.