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Trade Shows Open for Business – Be Sure to have a Great Booth


Published: January 31, 2012

Trade shows (aka, trade fairs, exhibitions or expos) were at one time supposed to disappear due to escalating transportation costs and improvements in sophisticated online meeting technology.

Nonetheless, as we head into 2012, the $12 billion U.S. Trade Show & Event Planning industry shows no signs of slowing down. You might even be headed to an expo sometime this year.

A trade show is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Every organization has different goals and objectives for participating in trade shows, but doing business remains at the top of the list.

DigitalEYE Media specializes in helping companies maximize their trade show marketing efforts.

Whether you are participating in a major international trade exhibition, an annual industry event or a local trade fair, certain proven strategies can help you achieve your goals.

— Create and put into action marketing initiatives before, during and after the event that engage potential buyers and generate sales.
— Choose the best Exhibit Display Booth that meets your marketing needs and budgetary requirements. This includes evaluating different booth sizes, designs and configurations.
— Identify the most effective graphic elements for your exhibit that portray your key messages and fulfill your brand communications needs. Establish design parameters for trade fair banners, modular exhibition stands, brochures and other materials.
— Utilize unique booth ideas that create buzz on the exhibition floor and attract more sales prospects to your trade show display area.
— Choose the right materials for your exhibition stands and use compelling graphics for your banner stands that drive booth traffic.
— Effectively use exhibit accessories, lighting, trade show flooring, booth furniture, fixtures, and audio-visual effects to support sales needs. Choosing the right booth accessories adds polish and impact to all types of exhibits, from pop-up displays to custom-built systems to tabletop displays.
— Select cost-effective giveaways and promotional products that have high perceived value among your target prospects and complement your company image.
— Ensure that team members who are staffing your trade show booth always project a professional appearance and are well-trained to represent your company, generate leads, and secure sales.

If your resources for accomplishing these tasks and meeting your goals are limited, then seek the help of professionals. DigitalEYE Media’s team is always available to discuss your needs with you.

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  1. Mannequins says:

    We’ve preached for a long time that properly setting up your store with the right displays makes a huge difference on your bottom line and this same mindset goes with trade shows. If you can maximize your marketing and displays at these shows, you’ll be one huge step ahead of the competition as you’ll show you care about your business and your customers. Good info.