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Why Businesses Should Embrace Constructive Customer Reviews


Published: May 2, 2013

Business and service reviews from consumers across the web have become increasingly important to a company’s brand and reputation while highlighting quality offerings to potential clients. But despite the role consumer reviews have begun to play in the digital marketing world, they also play an important role in continuous company improvement. Feedback, changes and even unique business ideas can all be included in reviews, helping managers and owners understand the service employees are offering while gaining valuable information about what may be done differently.

Following Up

Reviews and feedback give business owners a chance to follow-up with consumers after they have been provided a service or received a product. After reviewing a company, consumers often desire some sort of response from the company they have reviewed, whether their feedback was positive or required attention and transformed service. Sometimes mere contact can change the way a consumer perceives a company because it reinforces that a company is listening to their clientele.

On the other hand, no response at all, may be very detrimental to a company, highlighting a careless attitude regarding consumer experience. Even when reviews and feedback are provided in a public arena, responding in the same space shows potential clients that even though a previous customer was not thoroughly pleased, business owners and managers are listening, attentive and responsive.

Positive Consumer Feedback

While negative reviews can offer business owners and leaders a chance to respond, listen and transform procedures and services, positive feedback can also offer a great opportunity to learn and highlight employee and company successes.

In addition to using positive customer reviews to boost company and employee morale and provide recognition for positive performance, positive consumer reviews can be used throughout online promotions to show potential clients what others appreciate most about a product or service.

By recognizing what consumers, who have used a product or service, appreciate the most about a business, owners and leaders can take positive feedback and teach staff to expand on positive service. For example, if a reviewer appreciates how quickly they were seated at a restaurant enough to include that feedback in a positive review, insuring all locations and employees seat customers quickly and efficiently will probably have a positive outcome in regards to boosting overall consumer satisfaction.

What reviewing customers love about a business or company may be a good indicator of what potential customers and return clients will appreciate. By capitalizing on what has pleased others, businesses have a better chance of continuing to improve on aspects that are sure to please their clientele.

Consumer feedback and reviews, whether positive or negative, allow leaders and managers to teach and train employees about how to continue making customers happy with what they know has worked in the past. In addition, listening and responding to reviews that are no positive allow teaching moments with staff, offering feedback about what a specific audience member and demographic appreciates and looks for in a company, service or product.