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Will Reputation Marketing Improve or Hurt Your Bottom Line?


Published: June 20, 2013

The reputation of a brand and company may very well be one of the most valuable aspects that drives consumers to enjoy, try or bypass their offerings. As a result, with the importance of Internet marketing, reputation management and awareness regarding one’s reputation is becoming vital to one successes as well as how they improve and grow from feedback received.

Consumers and potential visitors are using online reviews and the perspectives of other users and buyers when considering whether or not to make a decision or purchase. As a result a positive reputation can really affect a company’s bottom line as well as its presence in the search rankings. In contrast, negative reviews and a poor online reputation can have a detrimental effect on the way potential buyers view a brand and whether or not they are willing to take a chance and purchase based on the experiences of others.

The Power of Online Reviews

Online reviews are often on the forefront of web searches, making them easily accessible to potential consumers and those looking for answers and information. Because of the prevalence of reviews, negative portrayals can be difficult to overcome. On the contrary, positive reviews can really help businesses highlight what they do best, from an honest place, giving potential clients peace of mind when looking to try something new or seek out the aid of a different service providers.

Responding to Reviews and Criticism

While the reviews and feedback offered can be an important part of a brand’s reputation, the way a business, manager or leader responds to criticisms can be equally important. Responses that identify and recognize the problem that occurred can be extremely beneficial to showing consumers that owners, managers and important leaders are listening to their clients and their buyers. In addition, it also highlights that a business is interested in addressing a situation and making things right. Consumers who are searching for a company may come upon a poor reviews, as many businesses may not be able to make every single buyer happy or thrilled. By responding to negative feedback with intelligent, well thought out and sympathetic responses that do no belittle a consumers experience, potential buyers may be able to see how businesses are willing to make things right and how well they recognize the importance of their consumers opinions.

Seeking Positive Experiences and Reviews

Many people may not review a business unless they have a poor experience and want to make themselves heard among the vast interwebs. But despite the prevalence of negative experiences across the web, seeking positive reviews can be as simple as asking consumers and clients who one knows has had a good experience. Sending clients links to the various places they can offer feedback can be powerful in letting them express their thanks while showing them you value their opinion.

  1. Diane Comeau says:

    I saw an internet markterr almost lose his business as he was recommending every tool under the sun to use online, especially ones that did not work well and his consumers did not trust him anymore.
    And I had a similar experience with an offline business which I do not use anymore. Neither do my family and friends. word of mouth is powerful both on and offline.