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Would Your Business Survive Without Google?


Published: December 20, 2013

Google is highly regarded as the number one search engine in the world. Just about every website has to conform to Google algorithms. Even though other search engines go through algorithm changes, as well, Google holds approximately 67 percent of the market share therefore if you are interested in ranking well in the SERPs. It is recommended that you pay attention to and conform to their best practices in order to obtain web traffic, prevent from being penalized, and other search engines are essentially models of Google’s. With so much attention paid to Google, particularly by businesses, Internet marketers and Webmasters, would businesses be able to survive without it?


The first thing that would probably cease to occur without Google, is that websites would have a very difficult time drawing web traffic to their sites. Without the sophisticated algorithms put out by Google, it’s safe to say that while site traffic would not necessarily disappear, it would certainly decline drastically.


Another thing that would change quite substantially without Google for businesses that rely on conversion tracking, website tracking, PPC campaign performance and more would be a lack of analytics and tracking information. Of course there are other companies that offer this service, but for those who are very new to owning a website, don’t have a lot of disposable income to spend on software, Google Analytics is an excellent resource for tracking traffic, audience demographic, conversion rates, and it’s free.


Many businesses use Google Adwords to create ads that target individuals who are searching for items or services comparable to what they sell. Without this form of advertising, it would be very difficult for businesses to reach their target audience in an efficient and effective way. While Facebook and other sites have similar forms of marketing, Google Adwords is by far the most highly used. Google partners with other sites, as well, so it wouldn’t just be the Google traffic that would be lost, it would be marketing across many websites that would no longer be available for businesses.


From Android based phones and tablets to things as simple as a Gmail account, businesses who rely on Android and Google would be forced to start over from scratch on the communication front if Google ceased to exist. This would undoubtedly cost money and a large amount of time, and could result in the loss of businesses if they couldn’t find appropriate substitutions in enough time to keep business running as usual.


Many businesses rely on Google Docs and, to a greater extent, Google Drive as a whole to store documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and other important pieces of information. If Google suddenly disappeared, all of that information would likely be lost. Even if businesses had a backup, they would likely have to pay to find that kind of service elsewhere, or would have to rely on several different programs with no synchronization in order to complete tasks. This would likely lead to a lot of lost time and money for those businesses.

Companies come and go, of course, and if Google were to ever disappear from the scene, it’s likely that businesses would be given a warning. It’s also likely that if Google were to fail, it would be because a better or comparable system had taken its place. In reality, then, anything that would lead to Google failing would likely lead to better solutions for businesses. There are other search engines used such as Bing but they are not as robust nor they match the products that Google offers at no charge to business owners, non-profits, Internet marketers, students and anyone interested in free products.

But imagining a world without Google brings into perspective just how much Google does for business owners at no charge, and how drastically life would change were it to not exist. Could businesses survive without Google? Maybe. But most businesses probably hope they don’t have to find out any time soon.