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3 Reasons to Educate Clients About SEO


Published: July 25, 2013

The power of search engine optimization, in a world where the web and Internet marketing is becoming so important, requires extensive effort from everyone involved in a business and website in order to get the most from one’s efforts. Creating a culture and identity within social media outlets, producing quality industry content and consistently working and investing in one’s website is imperative to constant results and ranking. One slip or failure to continue growing and adjusting with the digital marketing industry can provoke a dip in search engine rankings, web traffic and the number of visitors frequenting it.

Social Media and Company Culture

Getting business leaders and employees involved in search engine optimization can be as simple as encouraging workers and managers to involved in the community and sparking sharing and interaction. In addition to gaining more content that is interesting and reveals more about who a company is at its core, encouraging idea exchanges within a company, including event pictures from volunteer efforts and community involvement, is not only exciting to social media users, it can also encourage sharing and interaction among employees.

Industry Authority in Content

Oftentimes, no one knows a subject or industry like the business looking to promote it. But while they may not have the marketing knowledge, time or energy to effectively optimize their website and digital marketing efforts, getting them involve din content creation can highlight their authority and identity as an industry front-runner. Getting an outline regarding a specific topic, working on Q and A video content and interacting with business owners and leaders on a regular basis can make content more valuable and help marketers promote the knowledge and experience a business possesses.

Involvement Often Equals Feedback and Understanding

While getting search engine optimization clients involved in the actual process of improving a website is important, getting them involved in the tracking and monitoring as efforts proceed is equally important. With clear comprehension of what is occurring and the type of results that are taking place, no matter how slow and small, most SEO clients will appreciate the time and effort tied to climbing rankings, traffic and conversion.

Without access to reporting and analytics that display progress and improvement, it may often be difficult to convey the time, money and continued efforts required to really aid SEO. Getting clients involved by helping them monitor progress can also help give marketers insights into what may have happened with potential leads and visitors long after they arrived on a website and called a business phone number.

Although there are some aspects of search engine optimization that may be difficult for business leaders and owners to understand, keeping them involved will not only help offer marketers important feedback. Instead, involvement from clients also provides new ideas and content that can provide the best possible search and website experience for visitors.