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4 Reasons Why SEO Professionals Should Be Required to Earn a Certificate


Published: April 17, 2014

Companies and consumers are holding more credence in search engine certification. Experts purport that everyone needs a certification to open up new opportunities in the industry. Certifications are easy to obtain and will require that each individual master search engine optimization best practices, know Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates, and understand keyword research and selection. Certification classes may also cover how search engines work, content strategy, social media impact, and other optimization techniques. The courses are intensive and require each student’s undivided attention. Here are four reasons why search engine certification may be beneficial:

  1. Easier to Gain Consumer Confidence with Certification
  2. Many search engine professionals claim that they can optimize your website, but not all of them will perform up to your standards. Because people in the past have claimed to have proficiency that they don’t have, it’s important to have the certification to prove it. Consumer confidence increases with certification stating that you passed a test, and you have proficiency in the area that you’re offering to your customers as a service. Once customers are, at least, comfortable that you can pass the test to perform certain skills, they are more likely to do business with you.

  3. Easier to Prove that You Have the Skills Necessary to Perform the Job
  4. Flashing your certification is easier than getting people to write testimonials about your work. Most consumers don’t trust testimonials because they could have been paid for by the company. More people trust a document that comes from an accredited institution. If you want more customers, you should invest in certification.

  5. You Will Remain Abreast of the Latest Techniques in the Industry
  6. With certification, you will learn the latest techniques in the industry, which will make you a more marketable search engine professional. It’s difficult to convince someone to trust your judgement if you are not aware of the most effective techniques available. Learn the latest techniques and get certified. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your customers get quality service.

  7. You’ll Have Enhanced Job Opportunities
  8. Your job opportunities will increase when you are certified. More companies want to hire people with certifications from accredited institutions. Your aptitude is verifiable with certification, and this makes the hiring process easier. Be certain to get certified to increase your chances of being hired by a company. Many certified individuals also earn a higher salary. Be sure to take the exam while your skills are fresh to ensure that you perform your best and look more attractive to employers.

Why You Should Earn a Certificate if You’re a Search Engine Professional

If you’re a search engine professional, you should do whatever it takes to ensure that you get the work you need and deserve. A certificate can help you gain consumer confidence and also provide enhanced job opportunities. When you’re informed of the latest and greatest techniques in the industry, you’ll be in high demand, especially if your consumers provide testimonials that you deliver quality work. A certificate is worth the investment. Make time to obtain a certificate and expand your horizons and potentially, increase your salary.

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