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4 Ways to Use Guest Blogging to Build Links


Published: January 28, 2014

When trying to increase your presence in the SERPs, it is not enough to buy a lot of low-quality links and set up a website. While this worked in the past, it is now more important to build relationships across the Internet. One way to do so is to make guest post blogs on other sites. With this, one will gain valuable links and plenty of followers. Of course, one must do this wisely and here are four ways to use guest blogging to build links.

Link to social media: Every website and business owner should have a social media account. Ideally, one should have an account at both Facebook and Twitter. With these outlets, a blogger can reach out to a lot of potential clients. At the same time, with these sites, one will not spend any money to find new leads. To capture this market further, when making a blog post, a writer should place a link or two back to the Facebook and Twitter page of the blog. Provided the piece is interesting and thought-provoking, a social media page should gain plenty of new followers.

Long tail keywords: Often, people will forget about long tail keywords. This is a mistake as some Internet users will search for a long and obscure keyword. For example, when searching for a bike, one may use the term “quality used bikes for sale in San Diego”. To take advantage of this, one should try to think of their reader and place some long tail keywords in the text. Since they are usually not competitive, a site owner can rank on the first page with ease.

Avoid exact match: At the same time, one should try to avoid exact match keywords. While this may not seem wise, it is a good idea in the long-term. Think about it, with a competitive keyword, one will have so much competition, and they will have a hard time reaching the first page of Google. Instead, one should use the keyword, but in a different way. This way, a site owner will rank highly for plenty of organic keywords, all without stuffing the main words into the text and causing problems.

Blog on a relevant and quality site: Again, in the past, people would game the system and put guest post blogs on boring or irrelevant sites. At the time, this worked. This is not the case anymore, and a site owner should opt to guest post blog at interesting and relevant sites. With this, one will enjoy a high click-through rate and plenty of interest. Not only that, when determining organic keyword ranking, Google and the leading search engines will place a lot of weight on this, and the site will rank higher for the best keywords.

With a guest post blogging campaign, a site owner can improve his or her online presence. Remember, while Matt Cutts said that guest post blogging is going away, this is not fully true. Not, when posting quality content and offering value, one will still do well in the SEO game.