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5 Link Building Methods For Local Businesses


Published: April 16, 2013

Marketing companies boasting quick fixes that can boost website rankings on the major search engines, link-build with little effort are everywhere. But despite the ideas portrayed by many that highlight the simplicity of search engine marketing and link building specifically, there are several white-hat link building methods that, while may not be a quick fix, will help websites and companies achieve more lasting, stable results. With these top link-building tips, businesses, companies, managers and owners can avoid the biggest pitfalls plaguing SEO, while avoiding some of the methods that can ultimately be detrimental to digital marketing efforts.

  1. Quality Writing
  2. One of the most positive methods of building quality links that can withstand the many search engine algorithm updates is quality content in the form of articles. Within those articles, which provide readers real, desired information, links pointing to a site are often seen as reputable. Additionally, such articles have the benefit of being tailor-made by marketing companies or businesses, allowing diverse subject matter that is of interest to audience members desired.

  3. Start an On-site Blog
  4. There are an array of blogging platforms allowing business owners and web masters alike to host a blog directly from their site. As a result of consistent blogging efforts about relevant, fresh ideas, a blog is the perfect way to display knowledge to audience members, create an interactive community while building quality links that point to a site and pages within it.

  5. Social Media
  6. Although social media may not be the magic fix as it may seem, it can be the perfect platform for sharing and link building. Used in conjunction with blog posts as a method of sharing content, social media like twitter and Facebook are a fantastic way to link to content and build the integrity of a site, thus pushing it up the search engine rankings. While social media can be a good place to share one’s own content and build links to a site, it’s also important to share other content, which may even help build relationships where others, in turn, share one’s content.

  7. Business Directories
  8. There are countless free directories that gives businesses and websites the opportunity to link to a site and build reputable links. In addition to creating another channel of website traffic, directories and listings signal to search engines that a site is active and reputable, which can be very helpful for those seeking to move up the pages of major search engines. Local maps are just one way to make a business easier to find and locate for searchers while building quality, white-hat links.

  9. Guest Blogging and Contributions
  10. It’s often true that in order to get, one has to give, making guest blogging and similar contributions that can help build links without the gimmicks that can result is problems when algorithms are updated. Building relationships is a good way to seek out guest blogging as well as guest exchanges. Within those guest blogs, links pointing to one’s site can be beneficial in regards to link building and SEO efforts but may also result in a positive exchange of information as well as variety for readers.