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5 Reasons Not to Forget Mobile Device Users


Published: September 11, 2013

As people across the globe stay on the move and rely on tablets and smart phones to stay connected, seek information and solutions to even the toughest problems, mobile marketing strategies are becoming increasingly more important to one’s overall marketing mix. While it can be easy to focus on the overall implementation of the world wide web within one’s marketing plan that also incorporates more traditional media, the imperative nature of mobile devices in the lives of audience members cannot be denied.

Mobile Devices Promote Research Prior to Purchase Decisions

One way that mobile device users are beginning to use devices is during their purchase process is as a method of learning more about a product or service. Easy access while shopping within a store, while searching for a nearby business or while contemplating a service. The ability to research different products and services while at the store or business and gain a clear comprehension of the types of experiences other consumers may have had, which can influence their purchasing decision. Consequently, the types of reviews and the way local listings are optimized can make it easier or more difficult for prospective clients to research a company and locate reviews that work in the favor of that company.

Social Media

In addition to influencing purchasing decisions, mobile devices have become more and more important to consumers looking to stay connected. As a result social media makes up a large portion of time mobile devices users spend browsing and connecting on the web. Because of the importance of social media in the lives of so many consumers, making sure businesses are alive, thriving and utilizing social media can make a big difference and improve mobile marketing efforts.

Local Listings and Directories

Maps and listings are vital components in the world of marketing, ensuring that consumers can find and contact businesses with the click of a button. Consumers can quickly call and gather address information as well as directions with maps and search engine listings, like Google maps. As a result, claiming these listings, optimizing and making sure information is correct can make a big difference in the access offered to potential consumers and clients.

Mobile Ready Websites

With a much shorter attention span, the same website used and optimized for desktop searches may not be suitable for those searching with mobile devices, with minimal time and a shorter attention span. Because of the shorter amount of time businesses have to capture the attention of mobile users, shorter content and concise points as well as images and video can grab the attention of visitors and promote conversion.

Mobile Devices Users Are Ready and Looking

One of the best reasons to make sure one’s business is optimized for mobile device users and taking advantage of all mobile marketing has to offer is the status of many users as ready, willing and interested in purchasing. On the go and seeking information and research about products, many mobile users are at the point in their purchasing decision where they are looking to buy and make a decision. Missing out on that market of consumers may provoke them to choose another business, that offers answers, solutions and information when and where they are seeking it.

  1. L Henry says:

    Very interesting way of looking at things. I like the perspective and your way of thinking.

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    Great article. Thanks for the information.