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5 Reasons Why Automating Local SEO is A Mistake


Published: May 13, 2014

Automating local SEO can often be a mistake. When you automate your local SEO, you may miss out on some of the essentials that you would not miss if you were implementing a strategy manually. You can also save money by handling local SEO in-house. If you want to produce results every time, you should understand how each SEO option works manually to ensure that you are getting the full results when it’s automated. Here’s why you shouldn’t automate your SEO:

  • Your Potential May be Limited by Downward Spirals
  • Some website owners will show a big decline in profits in their PPC campaigns if automation is used. If a bidding system is used, you can increase bids by 10 percent for keywords that are profitable and decrease it by 10 percent when the keywords are not profitable. If you use an automated bidding system, a downward spiral can quickly occur. Once the costs have been decreased, it’s likely that you’ll continue to decrease them.

    Most webmasters run the risk of waiting several weeks for their bids to recover after decreasing them in response to a competitor bid. This may lead to a low conversion and click-through rate. Most webmasters will recover when the competitor’s promotion ends.

  • Automated SEO Can Often Skew Match-Type Bidding in PPC Campaigns
  • Many webmasters know that broad match keywords can increase the profits in their business strategy. Creating awareness is also important for any AdWords campaign. Broad match keywords can be difficult to manage, but they are highly profitable. Broad match keywords have a low cost per conversion, but an automated system may charge more. An automated system will put restraints on your PPC or SEO campaigns.

  • Consider Ad Rank and Impressions Before Impressions
  • Ad rank determines which keywords are shown most often. You need to have control over your keywords, which means you need to control long tail searches and other types of searches. These searches may not need to be mixed with exact match keywords.

  • SEO is Not a Passive Technique
  • Automatic bid management makes people think that the system is doing everything, and they are less likely to do it. You cannot subconsciously be relieved of the duty of because SEO is automated. You have to be actively involved in managing and selecting your keywords. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an unsuccessful campaign.

  • Automated Software Cannot Predict the Future
  • Automated software cannot know what will happen in the future with your SEO campaigns. Thus, they cannot predict what may be profitable in the future, but you can by reading up on the topic. People are capable of reading charts and making decisions, but sometimes software cannot recognize the nuances. You could miss out on some profitable aspects of your SEO campaign if you allow automated software to do all of the work.

Manually Monitor SEO Campaigns for the Best Results

If you want your campaign to be more profitable, you should monitor the SEO campaigns. When you don’t monitor the campaigns, you are more likely to lose some revenue that you might otherwise gain if you manually monitored it. Contact an expert for help if you cannot manually monitor it alone.