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Advantages of Publishing Informational Content


Published: April 30, 2013

Browsing the Internet and stumbling upon information is something many internet users are familiar with, most searchers have a purpose as they search: seeking specific information and answers. One of the best ways to boost site ranking, improve search engine optimization efforts and build site interaction is to offer useful information users are searching for in the SERPs and only the best and quality content will earn clicks and relevance.

More than 50 percent of searches on the internet are based around the need for pinpointed information. By offering what a target demographic is seeking, not only can sites experience traffic and visitor growth, they may also keep visitors on a site for longer periods of time, while promoting shares, linking and commenting from readers.

Types of Informational Content

Paragraphs and paragraphs of data and information may be useful, but it also may drive readers to boredom and keep them from consuming displayed content. On the other hand, well-organized informational content that sparks the readers’ interest with clear headings video, infographics, and exciting writing will promote a site as an authority while answering audience member questions, encouraging interaction and driving traffic with keywords.

Understanding what kinds of information readers are seeking can be as simple as looking at social media, studying conversations and looking through keywords and phrases related to an industry that may spark content ideas, more specific pages of topics, blog posts and article creation.

Informational Content Ideas

Highlighting new information and answering reader questions with quality content is one of the best ways to highlight a websites, blogs, businesses or companies as an industry authority while driving traffic to a website. But capturing the interest of readers can be a much more difficult task that requires a bit of creativity as to how such information is displayed and organized, since you only have about 5 seconds to get their attention.

Pros and cons can be a good way to display content and information in an easy way that is appealing to readers and organizes sought information in a way that is immediately distinguishable and simple to decipher.

Another method of organizing information in an easier-to-read way is by listing main topics and ideas into top five topics. By organizing the most relevant information regarding a topic into a number of important subjects, readers get the feeling they are uncovering only the best information. Topics are easily distinguishable and prioritized for readers, giving them access to immediate answers.

FAQ can be another great way to integrate information into a website or through blog posts and articles, offering the exact questions someone may be searching for answers to and putting the answers right where readers can see them.

Informational content can be a great way to offer value to readers while integrating keywords audience members are searching on major engines. But while providing access to the terms and answers searchers are seeking is important, organizing it in a method that is intriguing, exciting and easy to read can be just as important to keeping readers engaged as the provision of information itself.