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Can Google+ for Mobile Enhance your Business?


Published: July 23, 2013

With the positive aspects accompanying the use of Google+ business listings for small businesses, new features in the mobile application continue to open doors for business owners who are looking to make their mark among large companies with a larger marketing budgets. But while there are several new features that have been introduced by Google, regarding the Google+ mobile application, understanding how to capitalize on those enhancements can help even the smallest business get the most from their listing and their SEO efforts.

Although Google+ may not have made the splash among other social media outlets that it had proposed, it is still a vital aspect of search engine optimization and social media that is important for businesses large and small, because of the vitality of Google itself. The role Google+ plays in one’s search engine optimization plans may not be fully realized, but most marketers are certain of its importance.

Optimizing one’s Google+ page is an important part of highlighting local businesses as they are thriving and prospering. A Google+ page that in not complete or fully optimized with pictures, information about hours and correct location data may make a business seem like it is it doesn’t care about their online presence or that it may not even be open. By completing one’s Google+ Business Page profile with relevant information, professional pictures and optimizing one’s listing with up to date hours and locations, business owners can give consumers and potential clients a quick snap shot of who they are. And now with enhancements to Google+ mobile, business owners and leaders can do so right from their mobile device.

Claiming authorship of a page is vital to improving click-through rates while giving business pages personality and life, putting a face to the content, blogs and information contained within a website. Because of the increasing importance of authorship, Google+ mobile is becoming more and more important to business owners and company leaders who have become the face behind the site.

In addition to making it much simpler for marketers and businesses to publish photos and optimize their Google+ pages from their mobile device, they can also now include relevant hash tags in a similar manner as completed in the desktop version of Google+. As a result, posts are easier for searchers to find and may draw more traffic, even when updates are provided by business leaders and marketers on the run.

Uncovering time to update social media, especially those avenues that affect one’s ranking and search engine optimization efforts while driving traffic and branding one’s business can be overwhelming. But an influx in new features to Google+ and other social media applications makes it increasingly simple for marketers and business owners to squeeze in updates with all of the features they found important and appealing in desktop versions. As a result, updating statuses, sharing pictures and posting links with relevant hash tags can be squeezed in during activities throughout the day. Since staying at the top of minds while sharing quality, authoritative information with users and audience members I vital to every marketing plan, making time to update social media is also important.