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Five Myths About SEO


Published: January 24, 2013

Search engine optimization is a process that many people have attempted to master since its inception. There have been many myths exchanged over the years about the best SEO strategy to rank higher on search engines. Online businesses wanting to gain an edge over their competitors must sift out the myths from reality. Here are five of the most common SEO myths:

Stick With the Same Formula
The misconception that a business can still use the same formula or method for SEO that they did a few years ago is highly unlikely to still work in 2013. Because SEO algorithms are constantly evolving and advancing, it would be a mistake for a business to fall back on just one strategy to rank high on search engines. As an example, many businesses used to try to get high rankings by stuffing their web pages with a large number of keywords to manipulate a search engine’s algorithm. Today’s search engines, however, will actually penalize a business’ website for engaging in this practice, such as Google’s Panda and Penguin. Readers initially judge whether or not a website is credible based on how its message is conveyed.

All SEO Firms Are Alike
This perception can actually harm a business if they choose the wrong SEO firm. The assumption that all SEO firms know everything about optimizing search engines is deceptive. It is best to hire an SEO firm that is up-to-date with the best optimization strategies that rank well without violating current search engine regulations with poor backlinks, poor content and keyword stuffing.

You Only Need to Optimize Your Site Once
With any type ongoing of promotion, the SEO process must be reinvented from time to time. The main reason is that competitors are constantly optimizing their websites to divert traffic from a rival business.

SEO Works Better With Brief Content
While it’s true that readers in general have a short attention span, longer content does not have to count against a business; especially if web surfers are looking for informative content. If readers find a web page interesting, they’re likely to continue reading it to the end if it is concise and relevant to their needs. It also gives web spiders more time to roam over longer content when targeting groups of keywords that often result in higher page rankings.

SEO Will Yield Overnight Success
Overnight success even when a business uses a highly competent SEO firm is unrealistic. Particularly with a new site, a high ranking on Google may take months of SEO strategy to build a loyal reader base along with high quality links. As with most things, online businesses need time to grow in popularity.