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How Can PPC Help Organic SEO?


Published: December 6, 2013

Organic SEO is the best way to obtain high rankings with search engines and drive traffic to your site. Pay per click (PPC) campaigns can help you drive sales, but it can also contribute to organic SEO because it incorporates so many of the key aspects and characteristics of organic SEO. Keyword targeting, link building, and relevancy are the three main keys to organic SEO, and PPC campaigns include them all.

Increases Relevancy
One way that PPC campaigns can help you improve your organic SEO results is by making your ad extremely relevant to those who see it. When you post a banner ad on a website for all to see, it’s blanket marketing that doesn’t actually target the people who are most likely to want it. PPC campaigns work differently in that they are targeted to people who search for things that relate to the content of the ad. If you’re selling carpentry tools and someone searches for a related topic, they will see you ad, whereas someone searching for cosmetics won’t. By showing ads to people who are most likely to want what you have to offer, you gain more clicks, which drives traffic to your site and improves your organic SEO ranking.

Uses Keyword Targeting
Another thing that PPC campaigns have to offer you in the way of bolstering your organic SEO results is their use of keyword targeting. When you create a PPC ad, you have to come up with a very specific set of keywords that are optimized for a narrow audience. Many website owners have PPC ads for different types of products they offer instead of having one ad for their entire site for this very reason. Since keyword-centric marketing is essential to creating organic SEO results, this helps you a great deal in your efforts to draw organic traffic to your site.

Use of Link Building
Link building has long been a staple of organic SEO, and since every PPC ad you create has a link to your site, blog, etc., you’re establishing inbound links wherever your ad is shown. The more people that click on your ad, the better your link-building is in the eyes of search engines, and since, as discussed above, your ads are targeted to specific people, you’re likely to obtain a good amount of clicks on the links included in your ads.

Brand Awareness
While not directly related to SEO, the brand awareness you create by having PPC ads allow people to become aware of your business and familiar with your name. Even if they don’t click on your ad until they’ve seen it many times, they still become familiar with who you are and that you exist as a business. This helps you build trust with potential customers, and can eventually improve your organic SEO as people remember your business name and begin to search for it directly and/or visit your site directly. Be sure to have at least a few PPC ads running at all times so you can increase your SEO ranking and conversions, and grow your business efficiently.