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How Does Link Building Increase Brand Exposure?


Published: June 16, 2014

Link building is one of the secret ingredients that captures the attention of Google’s algorithm. If Google likes the quality of links that you’ve provided, your website is likely to be ranked higher, and thus, you’ll receive more brand exposure. Brand awareness is an essential component of increasing revenue for a company. Here’s what you need to know about link building and brand exposure:

  1. Seek High Traffic Links
  2. Link to sites that have a lot of traffic. The site should not only generate traffic, but the information on the website should be credible. There’s nothing like going to a website to find no information there, but it has significant traffic. Google’s algorithm is decreasing rankings for companies that do not provide quality content. Linking to a .gov site is always a great way to increase traffic and increase ranking.

  3. Find Sites with Credible Content
  4. Credible content that is informative and written by an authority figure in the industry can help with the link building process. More people will want to link to and visit your site if the content is credible and useful. Rankings tend to increase when the content is credible and captures the attention of the audience.

  5. Use Pay-Per-Click to Generate Relevant Traffic
  6. Relevant traffic will provide more brand exposure. When you launch a pay-per-click campaign, the traffic should be targeted. When the appropriate traffic comes to the website, it’s easier to gain exposure that will impact sales.

  7. Perform Surveys and Studies
  8. If you want to get people involved and make them feel important, host a survey on your website to find out how to improve your product or service. This will get people involved and help them connect to your product or service. When people flock to your site to give input, you will also generate links. This will improve your website ranking.

  9. Link to Popular Stories
  10. You should link to popular stories to improve your ranking. Popular sites such as Tech Crunch, Hubspot,, or Redditt are good places to begin your search. You also attempt to get a post on these sites. These sites generate a lot of traffic and will increase your visibility. If you have a well-designed website with quality content, your ranking will improve even more. Just ensure that your content is easy to understand.

  11. Syndicate a Press Release
  12. When you have quality content, more people are apt to recommend that others also come to your site. If you have a press release, submit it to high traffic sites such as PRWeb or PR Newswire. This will help to generate traffic if you link back to your website.

Link building can increase brand exposure if the campaign is targeted and strategically aligned. Credibility and authority are two of the major ways that people can help to improve brand exposure. Visitors will continue to link and visit your website when you build credibility. Develop a link building campaign and get the brand exposure that you need to sell products and services.