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How To Implement A Sustainable SEO Plan


Published: March 28, 2013

In the world of business, nothing can be left to chance. Search engine optimization, however, is a game of chance in itself since it is unknown as to the changes that will be caused to your rankings when you change something. While the goal of your changes are to further improve your rankings, it can have the opposite effect if your methods aren’t maintained or something is done wrong. For example, by changing the content on your home page, you could mess up your keywords and descend in search engine rankings. This is why having a sustainable SEO plan is important.

  • Thinking Up Your Ideas And Doing Your Research
  • Before you even begin changing your website to optimize it for search engines, you need to think things through and do your research. There are dozens of techniques that you can do, and you need to decide where to put your resources. You should start with the basic fundamentals before branching out to some of the smaller details. You will want your feet underneath you before you really get chugging.

  • Start At Your Website
  • When you first begin your sustainable SEO plan, you should start at the easiest place — your website. Start replacing all of the content with keyword-rich content that will be picked up by search engines. You should also have a sitemap designed that will help search engines navigate between pages so that each page can get placed into the search engine.

  • Continual Content
  • When using sustainable SEO plans, it’s important to be able to keep your rankings once they’re achieved. One important piece is to continually update the content on your website. Search engines have actually begun to put a lot of weight on how active a website page is. If it doesn’t continually have new content posted, search engines figure that it’s inactive and may lower its rankings.

  • Plan On Adding New SEO Methods
  • A few months from the start of your search engine optimization campaign you’re going to not need to put as many of your resources into the fundamental methods, and you will be able to branch out a bit. This is when it is okay to start adding in new ideas that will further develop your website’s marketing.

    This would be a good time to begin adding more backlinks on a massive scale, or maybe creating a blog that will constantly provide new content that links back to your website. If you have something else in mind, cut resources from your other methods and start up on it.

    This should be planned right from the start. Mark a date on your calendar for when you will be switching over to other methods of marketing with SEO.

  • Goals
  • Finally, continually plan out new goals. If you have a steady goal to work towards, you will constantly move forward. Once you meet a goal, create a new one!