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How to Leverage A Viral Video to Build Links


Published: June 18, 2013

Video has and continues to be a growing source of interaction and shared information. With major websites encouraging millions of views and video hits every single day, the power of video as a method of sharing information can be an important aspect in the link building and search engine optimization process.

Just like social media, the use of video gives businesses an opportunity to highlight one’s authority, share unique information and content and highlight one’s identity as a thought provoker. With quality content and the conveyance of highly sought information a business can leverage the power of video to not only display leadership in one’s industry but also to promote interaction and shares. Using video on a website and promoting shares of such video can be a powerful method of garnering shares and encouraging interaction, thus driving traffic to one’s website and the unique content displayed on a website.

Encouraging shares requires valuable content. In order to get other businesses, users, fans and clients to use and share one’s video, businesses have to provide valuable or entertaining information. By highlighting new, fresh ideas through the use of video, companies have a much better chance of encouraging interaction and provoking users and other businesses and thought leaders to even embed one’s video on their site, thus building links to important and valuable web pages where those videos originate.

Video is Attractive

There is no question that viewers and search engines love video. And providing information and content in a form that is highly sought after and consumed is one of the best ways to encourage viewers to share information and link to a website. In addition to provoking shares, content with video and images are often more interesting to viewers and those searching for answers and information. As a result, content that users find interesting is more likely to be consumed and then shared than content that is boring or less interactive. In addition, video content can also be a powerful tool to garner linking and traffic through social media efforts. Video content is often more likely to be shared on social media outlets than text posts and even more than posts with images. As a result, video can be leveraged to encourage linking through Facebook, Twitter and other outlets.

Using landing pages to display video can improve conversion and make other marketing efforts more powerful and effective. Showing audience members instead of merely telling them about a product, service or idea can help really highlight a business and increase the chance of such information going viral. In addition, video content can be easily created using various ideas that may already be told in text form on one’s website. Videos can be created surrounding ideas one’s viewers and community highlight as important to them. In this way, video can be even more interactive, answering a question or offering a solution.