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How to Reach the New Generation of Buyers with SEO


Published: February 15, 2013

The new generation of buyers are different from the previous generation that was used to taking directions from advertisements in printed media and on television.

Simply put, buyers from this new generations find themselves researching the answers to their own questions. This changes their mindset for solving problems, which makes the same advertisement strategies that were successful with the previous generation of buyers ineffective.

The one way to reach this type of buyers is by utilizing something called search engine optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing a website so that it ranks better than other websites in the results page for a search.

This is done by using a wide array of techniques that affect both a website’s content and the websites linking to it. The ultimate goal is to shift the website’s search engine result ranking to a prominent position, which is most often the first three results.

There are also a few other varieties of SEO. Directories and local searches are among the most common fields that don’t deal with global search traffic.

An Example of SEO in Work
To understand how and why SEO works, it’s best to illustrate the process with an example.

For example, if you sell shoes your website should rank for “where to buys shoes” by properly optimizing it to target and rank for that key phrase. In this example, let’s say that your website ranks first for that keyword globally.

When a potential customer from this generation is busy researching methods for shoe shopping, that person will go to a search engine and enter a number of searches. If one of those search phrases happens to be “Buys shoes online”, then they will find you shoe website and in the top ten results.

If it the website looks attractive, that person will click on your shoe website and then proceed to browse through the different shoe styles, brands and colors, once they decide on the shoes they will purchase them on your website directly. This will produce revenue and you may gain a customer for life if you provide and easy to use and fast check out system a long with a high ranking website.

Why is SEO Useful For Bringing in New Customers?
The advantage of this is that users looking for information can be provided with just enough information to help them decide whether a product will help them or not.

The type of people who know how to use a search engine well, and thus find the answers that they are looking for, will be from this new generation of users.

The reason that this new generation of users is worth targeting for business is because they have many needs that the older generation had when the older generation was the old age. They desire to buy the latest in electronics and other gadgetry while buying solutions to everyday problems.

These “everyday problems” can range from finding a way to stop smoking all the way to home refinancing information.

That means there is a potential for every type of business to profit, provided that business knows how to perform search engine optimization.