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How to use Surveys to Create Unique Content


Published: June 11, 2013

Writing content can be difficult on its own. But creating new ideas for that content can be even more difficult than the task of writing. Coming up with ideas that will drive traffic, meet the needs of those searching the web and highlight the authority of a writer, website or business is vital to search engine optimization in addition to meeting the needs of audience members. While there are a number of methods for gaining quality ideas for content creation, using online surveys may not be the first inspiration that comes to mind. But despite the unconditional aspect of using online surveys to gather new ideas for web content creation, they can help writers and leaders uncover a lot about what their visitors and potential readers want to see.

Freshen Up Content

It can be easy to regurgitate some of the same information seen on a variety of competitor sites and throughout similar industries. But one of the greatest challenges marketers and writers face is conveying ideas and creating content that sets ones business, ideas, services and product apart. Using online surveys to uncover what content readers are seeking and reveal new ideas can help keep writers and marketers in touch with their target audience while provoking new, thought-provoking ideas that can be expanding on.

Generate Interaction

In addition to supplying writers with fresh ideas, online surveys also create a sense of contribution among readers who are asked for their opinion. Valuing the opinions of readers can play an important role in provoking interaction. By highlighting the value one’s business places in the readers frequenting a site and those seeking information provided, a business or writer can spark a sense of community and belonging that makes readers want to share their opinion in other ways. Blog comments, testimonials and social media shares are just some of the ways that members of an audience may continue to interact with a site and its content as a result of merely being asked for their input.

Gathering Usable Feedback

By showcasing the need and desire to gather the opinions of readers and even those who may have used a good or service, a business exemplifies that value of consumer opinions. As a result, visitors and previous customers may offer quality testimonials that can be used in other ways and may offer valuable feedback that can motivate employees while displaying company qualities to potential consumers.

Knowing what is on the mind of website visitors, current clients and potential consumers can be as simple are merely asking them for feedback and using the information provided to improve, create new ideas and meet their needs. By asking visitors what they would like to see, encouraging new ideas and interaction and using feedback to showcase a business or website as one which listens to and care about the opinions of its patrons, one can make a website a more comfortable and thought-provoking place for visitors.