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How to Use Your Website as An Information Hub with Content Marketing


Published: April 10, 2014

Your website can be established as an authority in your industry through content featured on the site. People are more likely to buy your product or service if you have content that is compelling and convincing to read. This is not always easy to achieve, but a skilled researcher and writer can achieve this goal easily. Here are some tips to help you with your content marketing:

  1. Make Your Buyer More Intelligent with Non-Interruption Marketing
  2. Companies that make their buyers more intelligent are more likely to sell more products and services. Educated consumers have less buyers’ remorse and are more likely to be loyal customers. Great content will make your product more appealing to consumers by showing how it meets their basic needs and how it’s better than the competition.

  3. Deliver Quality Content
  4. When you deliver quality content, you are more apt to make more sales conversions. Consumers don’t want to be sold. They want to be educated. The more education you provide, they more apt they are to buy. If they see that you’re trying to sell a product, they get turned off. Educate them on the problem and provide them with a solution to alleviate the problem. Part of the solution should be your product or service. There will be less channel flipping or ignoring an advertisement if this happens.

  5. Business Decision Makers Prefer Articles to Advertisements
  6. Including more articles in your marketing strategy than advertisements will help you to sell more products and services. Eighty percent of business decision makers will make decisions based off articles rather than advertisements. Seventy percent say content marketing makes them feel as if they are closer and more involved with the sponsoring company. Most consumers spend between 15 and 45 minutes with an article and only two minutes or less with a commercial. They are more committed to the information presented.

  7. Build Loyalty with Consistency
  8. Many businesses build loyalty by presenting quality information and starting discussions with consumers to build more interest and keep them in the inner circle. The process works, and now, people consider it the norm to sell more products. Many companies have used this concept including Microsoft, P&G, John Deere, and Cisco Systems.

  9. Generate More Traffic with Content Marketing
  10. Generating traffic with content marketing is easier and more effective than advertising. More people are getting to a company’s content by landing on a blog page rather than the home page. It’s a great way to generate traffic and make more sales.

Your Website Can Be an Information Hub with Content Marketing

Follow these simple tips and your website can also be a portal for information. Non-interruption marketing is the new way to communicate and to educate consumers until they decide they want to buy on their own. You can build loyalty because they know that the product will help solve one of their problems. Add more content to your website and generate more traffic. This will give yourself more chances for sales conversions and increased revenue.