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Increase Revenue With SEO/SEM


Published: May 14, 2013

It’s no secret that consumers are increasingly turning to the web for a multitude of needs, including shopping, searching, entertainment and for answers to an array of questions and concerns. But as more and more people look to the internet to fulfill informational needs, it is becoming equally important for businesses to show up the places their target demographic are searching and looking. Using search engine optimization and search engine marketing to drive target audience members to a site can undoubtedly provoke and increase in revenue as long as the information, services and products desired are adequately displayed on a site. The more traffic received from a desire audience, the better a business’ chances of turning that traffic into profit.

Take Advantage of Major Listings and Directories

One of the best ways to drive traffic to a site is by taking advantage of the major local listings by claiming or creating a profile. Not only do directories and listings offer quality links to a website, they also show up high in many of the search results and sometimes offer searchers a place to look at reviews and check out a business before calling. Optimizing listings themselves can make a business look more legitimate, giving some consumers peace of mind that a business is open and successful.

Valuable Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization helps promote a website by boosting its presence in the results of major search engines. In addition, many of the quality, white-hat tactics that search engines are drawn to actual provide value to searching seeking information, services or products.

Content for SEO and SEM

Fresh, frequent and relevant content is vital to search engine optimization efforts, but it also draws an audience and provokes them to stay, consume and see a business as an authority. In addition quality content can keep an audience which has been drawn in by search engine marketing efforts, such as pay-per-click. Regardless of the budget or clicks received from a PPC campaign, keeping a consumer engaged is valuable to converting that visitor into a customer.

Use SEO and SEM to Compliment One Another

It can be easy to get frustrated with search engine optimization efforts and rely strictly on search engine marketing tactics to draw traffic to a website and, in turn, convert traffic into clients. In contrast, as SEO efforts begin to pay off, businesses may see the need for search engine marketing decrease because of improve search engine rankings. The truth of the matter is, SEO and SEM are in a constant state of transformation, making adjustments an imperative component of website improvement and driving web traffic. Although a greater number of searchers click on organic results, highlighting the importance of search engine marketing, consumers do click on paid ads, making search engine marketing an important part of gathering visitors and gaining clients.

Using SEM to compliment SEO, especially among keywords that are highly competitive or while search engine optimization of a website slowly improves can help increase the visitors who will reach a site. By employing Google, Yahoo and Bing recommended SEO best practices, many websites will also achieve success in keeping visitors informed and entertained with quality content that is relevant to their search.