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Is Any Free Link a Good Link?


Published: June 30, 2014

Free links are not always good links. Sites with a high number of backlinks do not always have high rankings. You must have good links or your page ranking will decrease. One of the most common misnomers is that links of any kind will raise their website rankings. If you do your research, you will learn what type of backlinks will increase your rankings. Here are some tips:

  1. Use a Backlink Check Tools
  2. In SEO, it’s important for companies to focus on building quality backlinks from the sites, which means having high page rank and traffic. In fact, more than 95 percent of companies work to ensure that they choose quality links over any other types of links to avoid devaluing and lowering the ranking of the website. There are several backlink check tools that are available to assist with this endeavor. The three most popular sites are Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer, and Majestic SEO.

  3. Remove Bad Backlinks
  4. When you use a free service to generate backlinks, you constantly need to reevaluate the backlinks to determine which ones are bad and which are good. When you determine which ones are bad, remove them. This will help to increase your website ranking.

  5. Impress Google’s Algorithm
  6. The types of backlinks that impress Google’s algorithm are the ones that exude authority. Backlinks coming form websites with good quality content, usually, have more authority than a backlink on a site with information no one cares about. Consumers want to be educated. Educated consumers will buy more products and services. Therefore, if you give good information to your consumers, they’re more likely to buy whatever you have to offer.

  7. Ensure that Your Links are From High Quality Websites
  8. Google maybe able to rely on the opinion of other website owners that link to your site to determine if your site is deserving of a high ranking. If you use free links, usually, no one has checked the links to determine if they are good or bad. Thus, your website ranking will probably be lower if you are not linking to high quality websites or aren’t earning those links.

  9. Always Write for Your Audience
  10. When you write for your audience, you will earn more traffic and develop more loyal customers when you write quality content. Everyone should recognize you as an authority in the field. When this happens, they are more likely to link to your site and/or buy from you. When you have influencers linking to your website, sharing your content or using it as a reference source; your organic rank will improve.

Quick reminder not all links are not created equal. You must follow these tips to ensure that you are always linking to good websites ans earning links from good neighborhoods. A bad link can bring your website ranking down. Even if you can get your links for free, you should always evaluate them with a link checker to ensure that they are good. All free links are not good. Invest in a good a link checker or evaluator to ensure that you are not hurting your ranking with bad links.