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Is Blogging a Good way to Build Links or a Penalty Waiting to Happen?


Published: August 20, 2013

Although blogging can be a quality method of adding great, fresh and interesting information to one’s website that boosts the authority of a business or company, the way one blogs is just as important as the action itself. New algorithms released by Google has begun to affect the way marketers and business leaders use their blog, especially when it comes to linking to and from one’s content. Understanding the types of links that can be detrimental to a blog or press release can help reveal more about how a blog can continue to be a vital part of one’s search engine optimization without leaving a website in the penalty with major search engines.

The Influence of Incoming Links

Blogging and linking to and from a blog post used to be a great way to link within a website and gain previously valuable links from other, authoritative websites. But despite the power of content within a blog and the information that gives consumers confidence in one’s business and service, improper and excessive linking from a blog internally can actually be detrimental to one’s ranking on the major search engines. Instead, focusing on the value of the content contained within and linking naturally to more informative pages about a specific subject contained within a post can be much more beneficial to search engine ranking and the value of content to readers as well.

The Mystery of Anchor Text

Although anchor text is a good way to point consumers in the right direction regarding related content, excessive and unnatural linking and use of anchor text can actually hurt a site’s rankings as Google revamps its linking best practices. Instead of adding links to too many different terms ad keywords within a blog post, marketers and businesses should focus more closely on a couple words within an article or piece of writing and vary the words used throughout different blog posts written. By varying the terms and keywords used as anchor text, different terms and phrases will be linked to related content, providing an array of keywords associated with that web content. In addition, a blog filled with too many links can be unappealing and appear spammy to readers and potential consumers, turning them off from what might actually be valuable, interesting and unique content.

Use Natural Links Throughout

In addition to where and how an article is linked and what types of links are contained within, the types of links used can be equally important to whether a blog posts hurts or helps a website’s ranking. Being choosy about the types of links gained and gathered and which types of sites are linked within a blog post is important to gaining the most from link building efforts. Focusing on whether or not links to and from a blog post actually add anything to the content and information can be the most helpful factor when considering a link building plan and implementing within one’s blog.

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