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Is it Important to Have a Well Optimized Location Page?


Published: September 5, 2013

Because of the love search engines have for location pages and the high volume of traffic they receive, optimizing one’s local pages is a vital step to not only creating valuable links to a website but also for converting valuable traffic into clients. Although the importance of location pages is obvious by their presence in the search ranks, optimizing them to take advantage of all they have to offer can be more difficult than simply filling in contact information and claiming various pages. Understanding some of the best ways to get location pages noticed while offering consumers and visitors valuable information is so important to appearing high among other business listings and gaining the eyes of valuable audience members looking for information, answers and solutions.

Take Advantage of Valuable Feedback

It’s no secret that clients and potential clients place a lot of stock and value in the experiences other people may have had with a business, product or service. Location pages have options for clients looking to offer feedback about the kind of service they received. Such feedback can be extremely helpful or can actually hurt a business. Seeking reviews from happy clients has been touted by some as one method of optimizing one’s location listings while prompting higher rates of click-throughs and giving potential consumers greater confidence and faith in a product or service.

Use Consistent Information

Whether a business has multiple locations or just one place of business, using similar information, logos and links can help promote a sense of consistency and give listings a more professional, legitimate feel. Checking correct contact information may seem like a simple step but many businesses and Internet marketers can overlook the importance of consistent contact information that is updated and checked as time progresses. Nothing highlights the illegitimacy of a business like outdated or incorrect business information. Because of the importance of correct information, claiming such listings and location pages is vital to controlling the information portrayed about one’s business and having the ability to maintain and update at one’s leisure.

Don’t Forget About the Power of Keywords

Although business listings are often a quick way for consumers to seek out information about nearby and relevant businesses with a simple snapshot of basic and important data, ignoring the power of keywords in listings can be detrimental. Instead, using variations and an array of relevant, industry keywords in descriptions and even within a business title can make it easier for consumers to find the business in question. While stuffing description boxes with keywords and terms can seem spammy and irrelevant to consumers, using keywords in an informative, natural manner can help business location listings appear for associated searches while providing information that searchers may find useful and may tie a business to a specific industry sought.

Though there are constant updates and new features added to location listings, understanding how to provide consumers with the basic information they seek in a manner that simultaneously appeals to major search engines can be a great way to drive quality traffic and provoke increased inquiries and leads.

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