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Is it Worth Attempting to Manipulate Google’s Algorithm?


Published: June 5, 2014

Manipulating Google’s algorithm is not recommended. Unless you’re simply recognizing that the algorithm is constantly changing and your website design and content should change to get Google’s attention, you should probably just simply be cognizant of the updates rather than trying to manipulate them. If your manipulation begins to border along the lines of “webspam,” then you are going to have a problem. Webspam is often used in relationship with low-quality sites and manipulative search engine optimization strategies. Here’s why you should not try to manipulate Google’s algorithm.

  1. They’re Constantly Updating the Algorithm

  2. If you are using these techniques to win rankings and traffic, you are probably going to have a problem because Google is introducing one to two updates per day. So, it’s a full-time job to keep track of the updates and how they affect your ranking. Google has launched an all-out war on webspam. Thus, it’s not worth the time and the effort it takes because the search engine giant has more money and man-power to fight your efforts.

  3. It’s Not Easy to Determine Which Criteria Hold More Weight
  4. Some days, it seems that social signals and backlinks hold more weight with Google, and other days, it’s more important to pay attention to layout design, load times, and keywords. It’s simply important to create fresh and new content and avoid duplicate content to avoid diminishing your website’s ranking.

    Low-quality links are major ranking criteria, but there’s an ebb and flow. It’s important to remove low-quality links, but not to the point where it borders on manipulation. Google does not want to give more weight to a site that uses manipulation techniques rather than quality content. They are working daily to rectify the situation.

  5. Customers are Neglected When Companies Manipulate
  6. When the website is focused on manipulation techniques rather than a compelling and valuable content, customers are neglected and their less likely to be interested. Thus, a high ranking is false because the information provided is not worthy of the ranking. This is why social signals have become so important because it helps Google know how viewers feel about the content presented on the web page.

  7. Exact Match Domains Should Also Have Quality Content
  8. People have bought exact match domains with the intent to sell them in the future. Those people who own these websites may achieve high rankings simply because they are an exact match without regard to the quality of content. Google is also working to eliminate this phenomenon. Thus, it’s not worth it to manipulate the algorithm.

    After reading all this are will you attempt to manipulate Google’s Algorithm?

    The simple answer is no. If your site is removed and you miss sales, was it worth it? It’s probably not worth it. Google wants to reward websites with unique, quality content and an impressive layout and design. As it stands, you can manipulate a website to a top ranking without quality content. When a website is not useful to people and it ranks in a top position, users are frustrated and seek alternative search methods. Google wants to remain a top competitor. So, they fight hard to give searchers quality search engine results.