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Is Outsourcing SEO and Social Media Bad for Business?


Published: July 19, 2013

Outsourcing social media and search engine optimization efforts has long been a method that companies large and small have done in an effort to manage SEO and SMM campaigns more effectively. But despite the pros associated with outsourced social media and SEO, using a combination of internal and external efforts is becoming increasingly popular as businesses struggle to maintain quality implementation of marketing campaigns while nurturing a more personal side of their business that social media followers desire. In order to understand which efforts or combination of the two will have the best possible marketing results for their business, it’s important to fully comprehend the downfalls and positive aspects of outsourcing.

The Pros of Outsourcing Social Media and SEO

One of the most important pros associated with outsourcing search engine optimization and social media is the amount of time saved, allowing business owners and managers to focus on their business efforts rather than the sometimes tedious tasks tied to digital marketing campaigns. Although many leaders and business owners understand their audience and their marketing plans, implementing those plans in their social media efforts and understanding the, sometimes, complex world of search engine optimization can be overwhelming and extremely time-consuming.

Although outsourcing marketing tasks can be a time saver for busy marketers and company owners, outsourcing can also be lacking when it comes to the control and input. Countless blog posts, linking efforts, social media status updates and more, can be difficult to keep a constant eye on. And while a business should select a trusted company to manage their SEO and social media, it can still be difficult to keep a constant eye on all efforts, which are an important representation of a business.

Additionally, professionals who work with various companies, managing and working in social media and search engine optimization every single day can help businesses gain a more professional appearance.

Keeping Online Marketing Internal

Despite the pros of outsourcing social media and search engine optimization, keeping efforts internal also has its benefits. Instead of relying heavily on the ideas of someone outside of the company, who may not be privy to all of the information an employee has access to, can be a positive thing for SEO and social media. Team pictures, community service acts and events can all be easily captured by an internal employee who is handling social media and blogging.

While the status updates, posts and linking may be more professional in nature when outsourcing marketing to another source of business, it can also become impersonal, alarming users and visitors that a business may not be as easy to access and interact with. On the other hand, internally managed social media and search engine optimization can sometimes become sloppy or too personal.

Gaining a good balance between outsourcing and internalizing social media and SEO is a tightrope walk that requires a clear plan regarding objectives, ideas and desired results. By understanding what one would like to achieve through those efforts, choosing the right way to manage and implement becomes much simpler.