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PPC and Organic SEO a Winning Formula


Published: June 23, 2014

If you want to generate traffic and increase your website ranking, it’s best to have a sound strategy to assure that this happens, which may include PPC and organic SEO. For many experts, this is a winning strategy. One of the tactics involves a long term strategy, and the other is short term. Here’s what you need to know about both to develop a winning formula.

Use PPC for More Visibility

If you’ve just launched a new product and/or website, you need more visibility. People need to know that you exist. One short term way that you can help generate more traffic and visibility is through PPC. When people are aware that your product exists, they can start to tell friends and family to visit your site. This generates more traffic, and it will increase your traffic over time. As long as you have quality content on your site, you’ll keep them interested. Educated consumers tend to purchase more product. PPC is a great way to generate initial traffic until the website is noticed. After PPC, you must do something more for sustainable growth.

Use SEO for Sustainable Growth

SEO is recommended for long term and sustainable growth. Once the initial traffic is generated to the website, the next step is long term growth. Long term organic growth originates with link building and content development. Building links requires time and skill. You must know how to create content and link to high quality sites with quality content and lots of traffic. When this happens, you’ll create plenty of traffic, and your website ranking will improve. When a website is built, marketers do not rely on SEO alone to generate traffic or they are likely to fail. Instead, they combine SEO techniques with PPC techniques to ensure that they have maximum flexibility.

Marrying the Two Concepts

When PPC and organic SEO work together in marital bliss, the results are favorable. Either one of these strategies, alone, will not be as effective as they are together. Classes are available to help you learn how to use the data you’ve collected from SEO to improve your PPC campaign and vice versa.

There are additional ways improve your PPC campaigns with SEO data. For instance, you may use Google Analytics and/or SEMRush to determine which keywords to target in the PPC campaigns. You can use PPC to determine which keywords will drive traffic and which will convert sales. Those keywords can then be used into organic SEO efforts.

PPC working with organic SEO can improve the usability of your site. The two working together are more powerful than they are apart. Good PPC landing pages are instrumental to yielding better results.

How PPC and SEO are a Winning Formula

If you are struggling with generating initial traffic or getting new traffic to an existing website, it’s best to use PPC and SEO together to yield the best results. Identify the area where your campaign is lacking and integrate some of these tools.