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Pros and Cons of Using Review Sites


Published: February 18, 2014

Using review sites to find out more information about a company can be highly useful, but there are also some disadvantages to using the review sites. It’s important to know what to expect before using the site to avoid making decisions based upon inaccurate assessments. Here are some pros and cons of using review sites to select products and services.

Pros of Using Review Sites

  1. Reviews Help People View the Product through Other User’s Eyes
  2. The marketing company of any business will always tell you about the best aspects of their products and services. A user will be unbiased and tell you about the good and bad aspects of the product. This will help you know if the product will be good for your particular situation or not. Viewing the product through other people’s eyes are preferable.

  3. Reviews Help People Know What to Expect
  4. Reviews help people know what to expect about products and services. For instance, a review may reveal that a product or service may not work under certain conditions. This will help potential owners know what the can expect if they use the product or service in that manner.

  5. There are Multiple Opinions to Help You Form Your Own
  6. Since there are multiple opinions listed, it’s easier to help you form your opinions. If you view multiple negative reviews, you might assume that you’re bound to have a similar problem. If there are mostly positive reviews, you can assume that you may have a positive experience also.

Cons of Using Review Sotes

  1. False Reviews
  2. Some reviews listed on the site may be posted from the company, a stockholder, or other influencer. These reviews may be unfairly biased. They could be accurate, but they may not be accurate, and this creates a false sense of security with the product or service. Conversely, upset employees or the competition may post a negative review that may be written out of anger. This is why multiple reviews should be read before making a decision.

  3. It’s Based Off Others’ Opinions
  4. Reviews are just a baseline. It doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same problems. Some people will have problems that other people may not have, and other people may have no problems when everyone else did. It’s just a baseline and a cross-section. The method is not fool-proof.

  5. Censorship
  6. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, an extra star could mean an increase in revenue by five to nine percent. This means that companies will try to censor comments to a certain extent to avoid losing the business. There is a process to remove some negative comments that are not founded in truth. This type of censorship can skew results slightly if companies are constantly monitoring the comments.

Pros and Cons of Using Review Sites

Overall, review sites are helpful to use. Most people prefer to use review sites to make decisions rather than buying products and services blindly. Exercise caution and know the risks of using the review sites, and you should be fine when you use the sites to select your products and services.