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Should Marketers Focus on Yahoo?


Published: February 6, 2014

Yahoo is a resource for marketers that can help companies gain more visibility on their websites. When the search functionality appears on partner sites such as Amazon, CNBC, or Facebook, it is easier to show more people what your company is about. Here’s what you may want to know about using Yahoo as a marketing tool:

    According to a recent study, people who search on the Yahoo and Bing Network will spend 23 percent more time online than the average user. Partners are reporting significant growth with the number of paid clicks across key verticals such as travel and retail. Most users are seeing 33 percent growth in impressions and click volume for clients who ran search ads on the Yahoo and Bing Network. Since they spend more time on the Internet, they are more likely to purchase items shown in ads.

  1. Yahoo Bing Network Yields More Click Volume
  2. According to some report, the Yahoo Bing Network yield 33 percent more growth in impressions and click volume. With more click volume came 35 percent increase in online sales with a 44 percent increase in search ad impressions.

  3. Yahoo Bing Network and Mobile Search Ads
  4. More people are purchasing mobile search ads because people are searching and buying more on their mobile devices than every before. In fact, many customers have seen as much as 114 percent increase in mobile clicks year after year. Some companies have used ad extensions to increase click-through rates by up to 35 percent. This is accomplished by adding phone numbers, addresses, and web links to generate more traffic. Product ads allow people to add product images and pricing information to attract and engage potential customers.

  5. Yahoo Bing Network Provides More Search Retargeting Opportunities
  6. With the Yahoo Bing Network, there are nearly 200 times more search opportunities than with other search engines. With the expanded reach, more people can reach your company through Yahoo searches, which will increase conversion rates. In many instances, the conversion rates are 100 percent higher than most retargeted ads.

  7. Search is One of the Best Advertising Formats
  8. Personalized search retargeting is one of the most effective ways to advertise. The conversion rates are 100 percent higher than typical retargeted ads. Stream ads will match the content and context of the web pages that are viewed by consumers. This will increase the chances of making sales conversions. It is a proven way to convert sales and gain more loyal customers for your company without a huge investment.

Should Marketers Focus on Yahoo?

They absolutely should focus on Yahoo. It is a proven way for companies to gain visibility and gain more sales conversions. Since more Yahoo Bing Network users are on the Internet, focus on building a stronger presence on the Yahoo search engine. This may include traditional and targeted ads. Determine how Yahoo can help your marketing strategy.