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Stop Wasting Money on Print Advertising


Published: October 10, 2013

Consumers are bombarded by advertising every single day. But while exposure to hundreds and even thousands of advertisements can be overwhelming, the truth is, consumers may actually have much shorter attention spans than they have had previously, making it more difficult for companies and brands to highlighting their offers and garner consumer attention with their messages. In addition to a much shorter attention span and an abundance of messages surrounding them, consumers are also seeking answers and information in different manners. While they may have previously reached for a magazine or a newspaper, audience members are increasingly consuming information on the online, making it vital that advertisers are offering messages in the places where their target demographic is searching.

Understanding One’s Client Base and Target Demographic

While not all consumers may reach for a mobile device or tablet when looking to consume information, read or browse a magazine, understanding one’s demographic is a great way to ensure that a message reaches consumers in the exact place where they are seeking out information. By ignoring the needs of those consumers and they way they seek solutions and information, companies may have a difficult time reaching out to them and may also highlight disconnection from their client base. The key to successful advertising, especially as new technology emerges, is understanding where one’s target market is consuming information and entertainment so that messages can effectively target those consumers.

Consumer Lifestyle

In addition to changing interests and a transformation in the way consumers seek information, the time constraints and increasingly busy lifestyles of people have changed, making it important that companies follow the lead. Busier demographics make it even more difficult to grasp consumer attention through more traditional advertising that may have previously appealed the them. By follow the lead of one’s target demographic marketers and companies to make sure their messages meet the needs of their demographic. An increasing emphasis on social media, which allows for short, multi-media rich and interactive advertisements can sometimes be more beneficial at reaching a target market than print advertisements, which some consumers simply bypass.

Online Advertising Can Be More Cost Effective

Although print media may still work for some types of companies and marketing goals, Internet marketing is becoming a very cost-effective method of reaching consumers. In addition, online marketing can be much easier for companies and marketers alike to track and report, highlighting where improvements can be made and allowing for update campaigns and efforts. Although online advertising requires more attention, tracking and adjustments, the actual costs of placing ads on social media, using pay-per-click and improving search engine optimization can be affordable and easily customizable depending on one’s advertising budget and needs.

Despite the importance of evaluating unique needs and demographics and consistently tracking efforts and making adjustments, online marketing can be a more effective choice for businesses looking to improve their cost efficiency while reaching their consumer base. The ease of tracking makes it much easier for marketers and small business owners to gain information about previous efforts and constantly improve their advertising efforts, further improving their return on investment.