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The SEO Shotgun Approach


Published: August 8, 2013

Search engine optimization and the proper approaches have long been an important discussion among webmasters, business owners and Internet marketers alike. But despite the multitude of constantly changing tactics associated with search engine optimization, some of the quickest efforts may not always be the best method of reaching long-term marketing goals. But taking a look at one’s goals and what they hope to accomplish with SEO, knowing which tactics to complete can be much simpler.

Most businesses and companies are looking to meet long-term goals and stay in the eye of their consumers by appearing for the search terms their target audiences are searching for services and products. But creating a long-term plan of how to accomplish those goals of staying competitive among other marketers and companies in one’s industry while growing and changing with technology, most businesses can continue to experience and see growth related to their website and its corresponding traffic.

Shotgun SEO: The Quick Fix

Many marketing companies and search engine optimization specialists feel pressure to promise and deliver quick results. Many business owners and leaders who may not understand the minute details associated with SEO, may not realize the tedious effort and time that goes into improving rankings according to best practices. And while it may seem more financially beneficially to rank right now, at this moment, the long-term repercussions of quick fixes and black hat tactics can be serious for businesses, companies and their websites.

In contrast with the quick fix, the meeting long-term goals with slow and steady search engine marketing efforts can be more beneficial and less risky over the long haul. Some of the best methods of slowly improving ranking on the major search engines include:

  1. Creating fresh, consistent and quality content
  2. Authoritative link building
  3. Social media promotion and community building
  4. Optimized descriptions and title tags

By having a clear comprehension of the tactics most recommended by major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. In addition, understanding the process required makes it much easier to relish in the small improvements that can be achieved through steady, best practices efforts. By focusing on the experience of audience members and one’s target demographic and meeting their specific needs, marketers and webs designers can use SEO best practices to be found for even the most competitive keywords as well as long tail searches, providing solutions and answers with valuable content and blog posts.

While quality SEO requires patience and long-term goals among a constantly transforming digital media environment, gaining a clear understanding of what one’s end goal reflects in contrast to short-term goals can help reveal quality, best practice tactics that will promote one’s business over a long period of time without fear of disaster or issues associated with updates and algorithm changes that can be detrimental to black hat tactics.