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Three Challenges In-House SEO Professionals Face


Published: August 2, 2013

While there are some advantages of in-house search engine optimization and Internet marketing efforts, there are also some specific difficulties and challenges that SEO professionals face when working within a company rather than for a marketing firm. Understanding these challenges can help such professionals understand where they can get help and resources from while capitalizing on the aspects where they can be more hands on and focused when it comes to improving their company website.
Overwhelming Tasks

Between organic marketing efforts and search engine marketing like pay-per-click, getting all aspects of Internet marketing working together in the most efficient and effective manner can be overwhelming and taxing for even the most talented professionals. One way search engine optimization professionals can overcome such difficulties is by outsourcing some of the tasks that may be completed more efficiently and on a higher level of expertise by an outside source or company. Outsourcing pay-per-click is a prime example of one important task that can improve web traffic that may be managed more effectively by a professional that handles PPC on an exclusive level, possessing the resources and technology to adjust and make changes to keywords and phrases purchased.

Time and Resources Are Critical Commodities

Some content management systems allow for automated meta tags, titles and social media tagging as well as the opportunity to automatically share content across multiple platforms. By taking advantage of such automation, writing blog posts and content and sharing completed information can be much more manageable that creating tags for every single post and article. While there may be situations where tagging manually, without automation, is important and helpful for search engine optimization efforts, automation can be helpful and save valuable time. Taking advantage of options for scheduling social media and blog posts based on times when readers are more likely to see and share them can help in-house search engine optimization specialists get the most use of their time and efforts and get the most SEO bang for their buck.

Changing Industry

While managing and implementing search engine optimization tactics, keeping up with changes in the digital marketing industry can be difficult. Using twitter, facebook and other social media that one is already posting to and using as a method of obtaining information as well as sharing can help busy professionals stay on top of the latest industry developments and transformations. Subscribing to industry blogs, articles and feeds can help even the busiest professionals stay up-to-date on the latest changes that could have huge impacts on their results and efforts. In addition, interacting with other professionals through communities and social media can help provide resources and aid for situations professional may similarly endure through their in-house marketing efforts. Sharing information and gathering resources from others can help professionals doing more with smaller budgets get the most from their efforts.

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