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Three SEO New Year’s Resolutions


Published: January 8, 2013

It is a new year, and because of it, businesses need to look for ways to improve not just their products and/ or services, but also how they communicate with their customers. When it comes to SEO, there are three “resolutions” that need to be followed to make the online world a better place to bring in new customers and generate more revenue:

3 Search Engine Optimization New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Listen To What Customers Have To Say
  2. In theory, the customer is always right when it comes to business. While most business owners know that statement is typically true for the most part or always, therefore listening to your customers pays off when it comes to a website content, design, mobile response and navigation. A great off page move for owners would be to read customer reviews about his or her business is always a good thing, as it allows them to see where things are going good, and where things are going bad. When it comes to a website, it is important to pay attention to what customers have to say in terms of website maneuverability, as well as the ease in which someone can purchase an item from the online store. If an owner finds complaints regarding any of the services they offer on their site or third-party review sites, it is important to attempt to reach out to them and see how they can mend that relationship, immediately.

  3. Clean Up The Website
  4. Just because a website has high search engine placement does not necessarily mean that they are getting the types of sales that they want or should be receiving. While high placement might lead to a large uptick in the number of people who visit a website, if a business finds that they just aren’t getting the sales they expected for their bottom line, it may be an issue with the website. A search engine optimization company, professional or in-house team can help clean up the website so that it is easier to navigate; this means that the content should be rewritten and optimized to reach more clients, as well as the layout of the pages, which may be causing customers to go elsewhere. All in all, a SEO professional can improve the website ranking as well as the way that search engine crawlers index the website.

  5. If Placement Continues To Be An Issue, Change Search Engine Optimization Companies
  6. Just because a website reaches number one on a search engine does not mean it is going to stay there. There is going to be some natural movement, meaning that some months it may drop to number two or three, only to rise again when on-page changes are made or link building campaigns succeed. With that said, if a business is consistently unhappy with their site placement, changing SEO companies or hire an SEO Expert to audit their search engine optimization tactics and strategy. If they don’t seem to be doing enough to make positive changes, it may be time to get detailed report for work performed or audit the existing strategy.

Happy Belated New Year! Follow these three recommended search engine optimization resolutions for the new year to improve your ranking, revenue and more customers.