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Three Things Marketers Overlook During A Campaign


Published: September 19, 2013

Creating a successful Internet marketing campaign is comprised of multiple steps, follow ups, tracking and adjustments. But despite the complexities associated with developing an effective campaign, there are several steps along the way that can make a marketer’s job much easier and improve campaign performance. Understanding some of the most important missteps that some marketers make in their campaign efforts can reveal many of the opportunities that can be capitalized upon, thus improving one’s own efforts and accompanying results.

Create Tangible Goals

Improving results, boosting website traffic and making phones ring are all very important goals many marketers find important indicators of a successful campaign. While setting goals in general is important to establishing expectations, tangible goals can help marketers and business leaders measure whether or not a campaign was as effective as they’d expected it to be. Simply improving traffic or seeing a boost in phone calls may not be an effective way to truly measure whether or not marketing efforts have been successful. Tracking more tangible goals that can be easier for marketers to gauge include percentages of improvement in comparison with previous metrics for similar time periods. When it is clear that such goals have not been met, making adjustments in marketing efforts and expectations may be necessary.

Take Advantage of Diverse and Dynamic Mediums

Getting the attention of consumers in a world where audience members are constantly surrounded by advertising messages can be difficult. But there is certain content that can be more appealing and exciting to consumers, especially when used creatively and as a method of meeting their needs and answering their questions. Video and images are vital components in any marketing campaign. Whether using social media, print media or display advertisements, grabbing the attention of consumers with content that appeals to their visual senses is important to every campaign. Using video and pictures to answer industry related questions ad provide solutions that meet consumer needs not only highlights one’s authority within an industry, it also shows that companies are aware of their audience’s needs and questions.

Stay in Touch With Audience Members

It’s no surprise that consumers and the way they seek information, shop and discover are constantly changing. As mobile devices become increasingly popular, the way audience members consume is transforming in a big way, making it vital that marketers continue to provide resources, answers and products in the places consumers are actually searching for them. Because of the boom in mobile devices as a method of consuming and researching, local search and local online marketing is becoming increasingly important. Failing to keep up with the changing needs of consumers, who are on the go more than ever before, can make it difficult for businesses to show up where their target audience members are looking.

With proper tracking, targeting and evolution coinciding with a transforming market, businesses can ensure that they continue to meet the needs of their target demographics while maintaining placement. By staying in tune with the changing needs of consumers, keeping up with new technology and continually making goals ad tracking results, marketers can ensure that their efforts are more effective.