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Three Things to Look for an in SEO Account Manager


Published: September 26, 2013

Among a constantly transforming digital marketing landscape, keeping up with changes and search engine algorithm updates can be difficult for busy business owners and managers, making the aid of a search engine optimization account manager an important position. But while it may be clear to a business owner or leader within a company that help with SEO is necessary, unveiling the right company to help with the right leaders and account managers within it may be a task in and of itself. Knowing what is important to your site and whether or not those ideas and efforts coincide with what an SEO Account Manager has in mind for a website is an important step to revealing who is right for the task at hand.

Favors a Balanced Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Despite constant changes employed among search engines and SEO, an experienced search engine optimization Account Manager will understand the basic factors involved in optimizing websites, including the technical aspect, link building, off-page SEO and on-page optimization. Without a clear knowledge of what is involved in those various efforts, it can be difficult for an SEO expert to truly improve a site overall. Focusing on only one of those aspects, such as ink building, can be a mistake that can be detrimental to a website when algorithm changes are made. Instead, business owners should seek a search engine optimization specialist who favors a balanced view of search engine marketing to improve the website/s in question.

Values Communication

Company needs are changing almost as often as search engines update their algorithms. As a result, finding an SEO manager who communicates effectively and is thorough in such communication is vital to keeping the lines of communication open and continually improving one’s website ranking and performance. In addition, proper communication can breed ideas and the exchange of information that will really improve revenue and conversions. Many business owners know their industry and their demographic very well. Because of the information possessed by business owners, marketers and leaders in combination with the marketing and digital know how of an SEO expert, communication between the two resources will benefit both parts. Lacking communication can have a negative impact on a the overall optimization goals and improvement.

Has a Concise View of the Larger Picture

The ultimate goal of improving one’s website and promoting it among search engines with higher ranking pages is to improve website traffic and driver consumers and lead generation. SEO experts who are seeking a quick fix and merely looking to help a page rank quickly may not have the user and searcher experience in mind. No matter how much traffic is driven to a website and how it ranks among competitors, if it does not convert traffic into inquiries and consumers because of irrelevant information or poor appeal, SEO efforts may be in vain. Instead, business owners and marketing teams should seek an SEO account manager who is looking to improve the overall consumer experience while simultaneously improving page rankings. In the past, quick fixes and black hat SEO have had extremely detrimental effects on businesses who’ve employed experts that se them. Instead, looking at the larger picture can be important.