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Top 10 SEO Twitter Profiles & Social Media Blogs To Follow


Published: October 7, 2010

SEO insight is hard to find and to learn the techniques many experts use is time consuming. However, some SEO gurus share their on Twitter, for free.

This list takes a look at the top 5 SEO and Social Media experts on Twitter and their Blogs. You’ll find insight on anything from keywords to interacting on Facebook to creating more followers on Twitter.

The Top Social Media & SEO Blogs To Read

1. Copy Blogger is a great source of inspiration for writers everywhere. Billed as the go to source for fresh knowledge and an expert in writing compelling content, Copy Blogger is one of the best Blogs on this list.

2. Soshable delves in to the realm of human interaction online through social media. The Blog features posts from guest writers to compile the best content from notable experts such as Erin Ryan and J.D. Rucker.

3. Quick Sprout is run by Neil Patel, a young, knowledgeable entrepreneur who details his experience with SEO, Blogging and start ups.

4. SEO Steve is an extremely well-versed SEO expert from Orange County who can create results as fast as he can Tweet. His SEO tips are top notch and his blog is a great resource for any SEO expert or wannabe.

5. Mashable is one of the best Social Media Blogs. There is always something new and fresh for anyone interested in Social Media. Mashable is a great source of inspiration when you want to find what’s going on in the world of Social Media.

The Top SEO Twitter Profiles To Follow

6. SEO Rock Stars is a great Twitter profile to follow for SEO advice and insights.

7. Andy Beal posts advice for managing your reputation online and is CEO of

8. Pro Blogger which is run by Darren Rowse, details his experience as a full-time Blogger. Rowse made a name for himself by becoming one of the few people who could make a living purely from Blogging. He often posts insights in to freelance Blogging to help other accomplish the same goal.

9. Kevin Rose is the founder of and an entrepreneur based in San Francisco. While Kevin is known for his work at Digg, he invests in small startups which he discusses on Twitter combined with his witty remarks about social media.

10. Tech Crunch is run by Mike Arrington and features breaking technology news in Silicon Valley. Tech Crunch is notable for its insight in to business deals of Social Media companies before they go public.

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